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Computational Fluid Dynamics

Solid and Semi-Solid Food


Dairy Products


Multiphase Systems

Poster Session: Biopolymers

Poster Session: Gels

Poster Session: Emulsions

Poster Session: Solid and Semi-Solids

Poster Session: Dough

Poster Session: Dairy

Poster Session: Multiphase Systems

Poster Session: Miscellaneous

Opening Lecture

Rheology and structure of aggregated particle networks and emulsions
E. Dickinson

Keynote Lectures

Fluid immobilization - A structure-related key mechanism for the viscous flow behavior of concentrated suspension systems
E. J. Windhab

Rheo-optical and rheo-mechanical characterization of the viscoelastic properties and shear-induced orientation of hydrocolloids
C. Clasen, W. - M. Kulicke

Structure and rheology of particle gels, a dynamic interplay
T. van Vliet, M. Mellema

New developments in light scattering: from particle sizing to optical rheology
C. Urban, S. Romer, P. Schurtenberger

Structure Engineering
A. - M. Hermansson

Non-linear viscoelasticity and microstructure of concentrated o/w emulsions
C. Gallegos, E. M. Pedrero, J. M. Madiedo, J. M. Franco

In situ rheological follow-up of food processes: Application to emulsification and ice cream fabrication processes
L. Choplin

Use of numerical simulations in food processing
K. Feigl

The influence of microstructure on the macroscopic rheological properties of particulate aggregated systems
A. G. Marangoni, S. S. Narine

Rheo-NMR and the molecular origins of food rheology
P. T. Callaghan, A. M. Gil

Food, the quality is in the structure
P. J. Lillford


Biopolymer suspensions with spheroidal and cylindrical particle shapes: Generation and shear flow behaviour
B. Wolf, M. Tassieri, S. Singleton, W. J. Frith, I. T. Norton

Viscoelastic and thixotropic behaviour of xanthan/guar mixed systems
J. L. Doublier, C. Schorsch, S. Durand, C. Garnier

The rheological properties of liquid egg white as influenced by high pressure processing parameters
J. Strohalm, P. Novotna, M. Houska, K. Kyhos, S. Vavreinova, D. Gabrovska, J. Rysova

Influence of the initial protein-aggregated state on the complex coacervation between b-lactoglobulin and acacia gum in aqueous media
C. Schmitt, C. Sanchez, J. Hardy


LAOS experiments in the time dependent, non-linear regime analysed via higher harmonic generation
M. Wilhelm, T. Neidhöfer, D. van Dusschoten

Measurements of extensional flow properties of semi-solid foods in contraction flow
M. Stading, L. Bohlin

Measurement of fracture of solid and semi-solid foods with the Hamann torsion gelometer
T. C. Lanier

A promising way to quantify the macrostructural fracturability of acid milk-polysaccharides gels:
C. Sanchez, R. Z. Lopez, C. Schmitt, H. Vivier, J. Hardy

Rheological behaviour of of mono- and disaccharide solutions at ambient and elevated pressures
P. Först, F. Werner, A. Delgado


Combined effect of bulk and interfacial rheological properties in the stabilization of bubbles against shrinkage
W. Kloek, T. van Vliet

The interfacial rheology of some food cellulose additives
T. Blümchen, C. Moules, B. Warburton

Investigation of rheological and structural properties of interfaces by Brewster-Angle Microscopy and interfacial rheology
P. Fischer


Design of food emulsion properties by formulation engineering
H. Schubert

Rheological investigations of a depletion-flocculated polydisperse emulsion
M. M. Robins, P. Manoj, D. J. Hibberd, A. D. Watson and A. J. Fillery-Travis

Rheological properties of mayonnaise by lubricated compression
M. M. Ak, S. Gunasekaran

Water continuous fat crystal networks in ice cream mix with unsaturated monoglycerides
N. M. Barfod, K. Schrader, W. Buchheim


Microstructural rearrangement affecting the rheology of rennet induced casein gels
M. Mellema, T. van Vliet, J. H. J. van Opheusden

Effects of flow behaviour and temperature on the microstructure and rheological behaviour of whey protein gels, pure or mixed with xanthan
P. Walkenström, A.-M. Hermansson, E. J. Windhab

Evaluation of structure development during gelation of xanthan and carob mixture
W. B. Yoon, S. Gunasekaran

Gelation and rheology of xanthan/enzyme-modified guar blends
V. B. Pai, S. A. Khan

Rheological properties in relation to the structure of mixed _-lactoglobulin and amylopectin gels
C. Olsson, M. Langton, M. Stading, A.-M. Hermansson

Rheology of b-lactoglobulin/k-carrageenan mixed gels: Effect of pH and shear
M. M. Ould Eleya, S. L. Turgeon

Ultrastructure of model whey protein isolate gels
G. G. A. S. Nada, R. W. Hosken

Rheology and molecular weight changes during enzymatic degradation of guar galactomannan solutions and gels
A. Tayal, M. D. Burke, V. B. Pai, S. A. Khan


Chances and limitations of confocal laser scanning microscopy (CSLM)
M. B. Dürrenberger

Atomic Force Microscopy as a tool for interpreting the rheology of food biopolymers at the molecular level
V. J. Morris, A. R. Mackie, P. J. Wilde, A. R. Kirby, E. C. N. Mills, A. P. Gunning

Microstructural indicators of quality-related characteristics of blueberries – an integrated approach
P. M. Allan-Wojtas, C. F. Forney, S. E. Carbyn, K. U. K. G. Nicholas

Microstructure of cereal grains, doughs and breads
K. Autio, M. Salmenkallio-Marttila

Food material science: An approach to study pressure effects on whey protein-pectin mixtures
M. Michel, M. E. Leser, A. Syrbe, M.-F. Clerc, I. Bauwens, C. Appolina-Nouzille, M.-L. von Schack, H. J. Watzke

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Experimental and numerical simulations of the flow of “liquid foods” in rotating cans
J. P. Hughes, P. W. James, T. E. R. Jones

Numerical simulation of drop deformation due to hydrodynamic load
C. Hartmann, A. Delgado

Finite element modelling of the laminar flow in small diameter tubes of a time dependent dairy product
F. Butler, H. J. O`Donnell

Flow properties of foodstuff: Mathematical modeling and numerical simulation
C. Waucquez, Y. Rubin, T. Avalosse

Solid and Semi-Solid Food

Fracture mechanics of food products
S. M. Goh, M. N. Charalambides, J. G. Williams

Feeding significantly affects texture properties of semi-hard cheeses
H. Rohm, W. Ginzinger, J. Petrag, D. Jaros

Morphology and mechanical properties of crispy granular food materials
K. Bottin, E. van Hecke

A new method for the production of firmer fruits and fruit products
R. Carle

A mechanical model to characterize crust development during french fry processing
M. G. Scanlon, K. A. Ross

Taguchi methods applied to the optimization of rotary moulding
R. B. Blackhall, J. M. Ritchie, I. Black, P. C. Wright

Correlations between the rheological parameters and the quality of food products
N. Iutes-Petrescu


The viscoelasticity of gluten by NMR
A. M. Gil, E. Alberti, P. T. Callaghan

Reliability of rheological data as a basic for the prediction of processing and baking properties of wheat flours
R. Kieffer, N. Stein

Continously kneading of dough
F. Beekmans, A. van Engelen

Study of shear viscoelasticity of wheat gluten and mixed wheat gluten - pea protein systems by dynamic assay and creep and recovery analysis
A. Pruska-Kedzior, J. Lefebvre, Z. Kedzior, E. Bojakowska, M. Jankiewicz

Dairy Products

Dynamic and steady state measurements of gelation time of milk concentrates at moderate pressures
B. J. Briscoe, P. F. Luckham, K. U. Staeritz

Structure evolution of stirred yoghurt during manufacturing: A rheological perspective
I. M. Afonso, J. M. Maia

Functional properties of exocellular polysaccharides in dairy based foods
M. T. Pleijsier, P. W. de Bont, R. Vreeker, A. M. Ledeboer


The effect of process history on the cold extrusion behaviour of chocolate
J. Engmann, M. R. Mackley

Influence of amorphous-crystalline state transition on the rheological properties of concentrated sugar oil suspensions
P. Braun, E. J. Windhab

Surface excess of emulsifiers and rheological properties of a concentrated food model suspension
D. Hugelshofer, E. J. Windhab, J. Wang

Effect of selected properties of spray dried milk powders on the rheology of milk chocolate
M. Twomey, M. K. Keogh, B. T. O'Kennedy, D.M. Mulvihill

Multiphase Systems

Wall slip effects of foams under laminar flow field
W. Hanselmann, A. Müller, E. J. Windhab

Rheological properties and textural characteristics of soy protein emulsion gels with different oil ratio
J. - S. Tsai

Emulsifier interaction in the structure of food products based on pseudo-cereals
E. T. Kovács, E. Berghofer, R. Schönlecher, H. Glattes

Rheological properties of carrot juice concentrates and their cloud stabilizing potential
S. Neidhart, M. Reiter, R. Carle

Poster Session: Biopolymers

The creation of new food structures by spinneretless spinning of protein-polysaccharide mixtures
J. M. J. G. Luyten

Influence of hydrocolloids addition on the rheological properties of whey protein model solutions
Z. Herceg, V. Hegedu_i_, S. Rimac

Confocal Raman microspectroscopic study of phase separating mixed biopolymers: Concentration mapping by multivariate curve resolution
P. D. A. Pudney, T. M. Hancewicz

Flow-induced mircostructure of aqueous biopolymer mixtures by rheo-optical techniques
M. Simeone, S. Guido, A. Alfani

Poster Session: Gels

The effect of pH on heat-induced gel formation by soy proteins
M. Renkema, J. Knabben, T. van Vliet

Effect of electrodialysis on textural characteristic and microstructure of salted ducked egg white gel
J.-J. Huang, J.-S. Tsai

Tailored whey protein gels through combined enzymatic crosslinking and heat treatment
M. D. Burke, S. Y. Ha, S. A. Khan

The effect of pH on heat denaturation and gel forming properties of soy glycinin
C. Lakemond, H. de Jongh, T. van Vliet, H. Gruppen

Microscopic and rheological characterization of high pressure treated starch dispersions
M. Stolt, K. Autio

Poster Session: Emulsions

Structural architecture in the continuous phase of low-oil content mayonnaise. A rheological approach
G. Vélez, M. C. Alfaro, J. Muñoz

Rheological properties of protein stabilized o/w emulsions with variably composed surfaces
U. Bindrich

Influence of droplet diameter and salt concentration of a simple cosmetic W/O-emulsion on its rheological and dielectric behavior
S. Kramer, R. Brummer, B. Hochstein, H. Buggisch

Use of supersonic technique in liquid products process
K. G. Adamopoulos, H. J. Petropakis

Droplet size distribution and rheology of low-oil content mayonnaise stabilized by a blend of modified starch and pectins
C. Cabeza, M. A. Fernández, V. Flores, M. C. Alfaro, J. Muñoz

Investigation of droplet dispering processes in shear and elongational flow
S. Kaufmann, P. Fischer, E. J. Windhab

Poster Session: Solid and Semi-Solids

Effects of extrusion cooking conditions on texture and structure of direct expanded products
S. Ilo, E. Berghofer, L. Ying

Evaluation of tough strings in green beans
P. Lanoisellé, E.-Q. Liu, J.-L. Lanoisellé, G. Piar

Interactive mechanical models of virtual foodstuffs using a force display
K. Otobe, M. Hirafuji

Rheology of pekmez, tahin and their mixture
F. Lokumcu, M. M. Ak

Collapse behavior of amorphous freeze-dried powder
F. Witschi, W. M. MacInnes, G. Bonato, E. J. Windhab

Thermal analysis of mm-sized features by micro-thermal analysis (mTATM)
E. zur Mühlen

Softening kinetics of white asparagus during cooking
S. Ilo, S. Reiselhuber, E. Berghofer

Poster Session: Dough

Variability in BU measurements of doughs
A. Oppenheimer, S. Chakrabarti

Absolute rheometry in Brabender Viscograph
L. Aerts, T. Chattaway

Effect of pH and salt on starch pasting behavior of novel waxy wheat
C. Kiribuchi-Otobe, R. Yoshimura, T. Koriyama, K. Takami, T. Yanagisawa, H. Yoshida

The rheological properties of wheat gluten concentrated suspensions
J. Xu, J. A. Bietz, C. J. Carriere, D. Wirtz

Microstructural changes in high fiber bread during storage
M. Salmenkallio-Marttila, K. Katina, K. Autio

Poster Session: Dairy

Structure of rennet-induced casein gels examined by confocal microscopy
M. Mellema, J. W. M. Heesakkers, J. H. J. van Opheusden, T. van Vliet

Categorization of rheological scaling models for particle gels
M. Mellema, T. van Vliet, J. H. J. van Opheusden

Rheological and structural properties of cheddar cheeses during heating and cooling
K. Muthukumarappan, V. Venugopal, L. Zhai

Influence of mechanical treatment on the structure of chymosin induced casein gels
B. Kornbrust, A. Grüniger, E. J. Windhab

Poster Session: Multiphase Systems

Influence of moisture of solid particles in oleophilic suspensions on their flow behavior and state of agglomeration
K. Franke, H.-D. Tscheuschner

Generation of functional microstructures in ice cream by means of low temperature extrusion processes
H. Wildmoser, E. J. Windhab

Effect of copper ions on the drainage stability of egg white foams
L. M. C. Sagis, A. E. A. de Groot-Mostert, A. Prins, E. van der Linden

Poster Session: Miscellaneous

Thermodynamic analysis of the surface activity exhibited by _-lactoglobulin at the air-water interface
E. Eugster, S. E. Taylor

Plastification of powder systems in food engineering
P. Kropp, E. J. Windhab

Rheological and optical investigations on the structuring behaviour of rodlike particles in laminar shear flow
J.-C. Eischen, E. J. Windhab

Numerical simulation of batch miwers and comparison of their mixing action
T. R. G. Jongen, J.G. Dekker

Process and product developement and innovation in the bakery
F. Beekman

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