Proceedings 2009

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Plenary Lectures

Rheological Methods

Rheological Modeling and Numerical Methods

Dairy Products

Scattering and Spectroscopy

Texture Analysis


Biopolymer Solutions and Gels

Colloidal Systems


Emulsions and Foams

Semi-Solid Foods

Influence of Processing on Structure and Rheology

Lipids and Fats


Plenary Lectures

Rheology of colloidal dispersions close to glass or gel transitions (Talk)
Joseph M. Brader, Matthias Fuchs, Thomas Voigtmann, Fabian Weysser, Michael Cates, Oliver Henrich, Matthias Ballauff, Miriam Siebenbuerger

From foams to dry water: Phase inversion of nanoparticle-stabilised materials (Talk)
Bernie Binks

Structure and rheology in plant-based foods: cell walls, cells, and tissues (Talk)
Mike Gidley, Michelle G.E. Gothard

Structured biomaterials - structure dynamics and properties (Talk)
Anne-Marie Hermansson, Magnus Nyden, Niklas Loren

Structuring foods for delivery of nutrition, health & wellness (Talk)
Martin Leser, Pedro Reis, Thomas Raab, Heribert J. Watzke, Reinhard Miller

Functional biomaterials: From hydrogels to nanofibers (Talk)
Carl D. Saquing, Christopher A. Bonino, Stephanie T. Sullivan, Hsiao Mai Anne Chu, Saad A. Khan

Novel strategies for nanostructuring liquid oils into functional fats (Talk)
Alejandro G. Marangoni

Microstructure engineering of healthy everyday foods (Talk)
Ian Norton, Fotios Spyropoulos, E. Alex K. Heuer, Benjamin J.D. Le Reverend, Phil W. Cox

Structuring of multiple emulsions with microfluidics for encapsulation and controlled release (Talk)
David A. Weitz

Tailored food structure processing for personalized nutrition (Talk)
Erich J. Windhab

Rheological Methods

Rheological properties and coating in "mouth": Impact on flavor release (Poster)
Clement De Loubens, Marion Doyennette, Cristian Trelea, Isabelle Souchon, A. Magnin

Rheological properties and phase change behaviors of coconut fats and oils (Poster)
Bernhard Senge

Rheology of thin films - the flexure based microgap rheometer (FMR) (Talk)
Christian Clasen, Seung Jae Baik, Paula Moldenaers, Gareth McKinley

Rheological Profile of Filmogenic Solutions From Modified Banana Starch and Plasticizer, During Temperature Ramps (Poster)
Javier Solorza-Feria, Mirna Sánchez-Rivera, Claudia Romero-Bastida, Rosalía González-Soto, Carlos López-González

Ultrasonic Investigation of Oscillating Pipe Flow of Visco-elastic Fluid (Poster)
Kazuya Oyama, Yuji Tasaka, Yuichi Murai, Yasushi Takeda

Effect of food structure on the growth dynamics of Salmonella Typhimurium (Poster)
Tina Theys, Annemie Geeraerd, Frank Devlieghere, Jan F. Van Impe

Quantifying the effect of food structure on microbial spoilage characteristics by means of a semisolid food model system (Talk)
Laurence Mertens, Trung D. T. Dang, An Vermeulen, Annemie Geeraerd, Kristof Serneels, Paula Moldenaers, Frank Devlieghere, Jan F. Van Impe

Double wall Ring geometry to measure interfacial rheological properties (Talk)
Aloyse Franck, Steven Vandebril, Jan Vermant, Gerry Fuller

Rheological and sensory characterisation of a swallowed food bolus (Talk)
Chrystel Loret, Christoph Hartmann, Nathalie Martin

Applied Food Rheology - Extended Rheometer Capabilities (Talk)
Cornelia Kuechenmeister, Klaus Oldoerp, Fritz Soergel

ANFIS modeling of viscosity in low-fat mayonnaise (Poster)
Mohebbat Mohebbi, Milad Fathi, Fakhri Shahidi

A multiple-step online-slit-die rheometer for investigations of the influence of extrusion process parameters on the rheological behaviour of starch-based food products (Poster)
Mario Horvat, Azad Emin, Heike P. Schuchmann, Bernhard Hochstein, Norbert Willenbacher

Spinning Rheometry for Visco-Elastic Liquid by Means of UVP (Talk)
Yuichi Murai, Naoki Furuya, Yuji Tasaka, Yasushi Takeda

Comparison of surface dilatational rheological properties of wheat proteins and water-soluble pentosans (Talk)
Justyna Golinska-Krysztofiak, Zenon Kedzior, Anna Pruska-Kedzior, Peter J. Wilde, Michal Michalak

Comparison of rheological, fermentative and baking properties of gluten-free dough formulations (Poster)
Zenon Kedzior, Anna Pruska-Kedzior, Stanislaw Lehman, Agnieszka Makowska, Jozef Sadkiewicz

Effects hydrocolloids on the rheological properties and stability of a béchamel sauce (Poster)
Bart Heyman, Frédéric Depypere, Claudia Delbaere, Koen Dewettinck

Application of ultrasound Doppler based in-line rheometry method to complex process streams (Talk)
Johan Wiklund, Mats Stading

Yield stress, structure relaxation of food gels (Poster)
Patrick Heyer, Joerg Laeuger

Compact NMR-based Capillary Rheometer (Talk)
Edme Horst Hardy, Dirk Mertens, Bernhard Hochstein, Hermann Nirschl

Rheological Modeling and Numerical Methods

Numerical solution to Bostwick consistometer test (Poster)
Blaise Nsom, Noureddine Latrache, Ahmad Ahmad, Ahmed Daimallah, Ismain Baba Ahmed, Ahcene Bouabdallah

Behavior of a dry granular material during a filling and discharge operation (Poster)
Ismain Baba Ahmed, Blaise Nsom, Amine M. Allal, Fouad Ghomari, Noureddine Latrach

Rheological behaviour of fish skin gelatin of rainbow trout (Onchorhynchus mykiss) (Poster)
Hoda Shahiri Tabarestani, Yahya Maghsoudlou, Ali Motamedzadegan

Use of indentation techniques to determine the mechanical properties of self-supporting and non-self supporting starch gels (Poster)
Chaiwut Gamonpilas, Maria N. Charalambides, J. Gordon Williams, P.J. Dooling, S.R. Gibbon

Rheological properties of hydrocolloid extracted from wild sage seed (Salvia macrosiphon) (Poster)
Seyed M.A. Razavi, Aram Bostan

Janus Chain Model: Rheological and Structural Properties of Collagen Gels (Talk)
Yi Ding, Martin Kröger

Time-dependent flow properties and thixotropy of Alyssum homolocarpum seed gum solutions (Poster)
Arash Koocheki, Seyed Mohamad Ali Razavi

The rheological basis for texture perception (Talk)
Jan Engmann, Adam S. Burbidge

Rheological properties of Persian honeys (Poster)
Hamid Tavakolipour

Water molecule expected localization in the food matrix and its interaction probabilities under food processes engineering conditions (Poster)
Tadeusz Matuszek

Study of rheological properties of enzyme affected fish myofibrillar protein solution using RSM method (Poster)
Ali Motamedzadegan, Shabnam Hamzeh, Seyed Ahmad Shahidi Yasaghi, Azade Ghorbani Hasansaraei

Improving of Rheological Properties and Cross-linking Enzyme Modification of Fish Proteins Using RSM (Poster)
Ali Motamedzadegan, Shabnam Hamzeh, Seyed Ahmad Shahidi Yasaghi, Azade Ghorbani Hasansaraei

Comparison on creep properties of Rice Gel and fish surimi gel (Poster)
Zhen Liu, Sen Yao, Ru Liu, Siming Zhao, Shanbai Xiong

Simulation of viscoelastic fluids at high Weissenberg number using the extended matrix logarithm formulation (Poster)
Azadeh Jafari, Michel O. Deville, Nicolas Fietier

Implementation and Validation of a Three-Stage Freezing Model for Food Sprays (Talk)
Seshasai Srinivasan, Tim Althaus, Erich J. Windhab, Kathleen Feigl, Franz X. Tanner

Flow behaviors of Andiz (Juniperus drupacea) juice (pekmez) concentrated by boiling (Poster)
Mehmet Akbulut, hacer çoklar, Gökhan Özen

A comparative study between two concepts of the evolution of porosity in dry granular flows (Poster)
Chung Fang

Rheology-Microstructure-Relationship of Emulsions (Poster)
Andre Braun, Marco Dressler, Erich J. Windhab

Numerical Investigation of Droplet Formation from Pores (Talk)
Kathleen Feigl, Franz X. Tanner, Seshasai Srinivasan, Erich J. Windhab

Rheological behavior of licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) extract solutions as a function of concentration and temperature: a reappraisal (Poster)
Asgar Farahnaky, Lale Nasiri, Mahamoud S. Zainnoddin

Dairy Products

Towards improved texture properties of protein-rich foods (Poster)
Nanik Purwanti, Atze Jan van der Goot, Remko Boom

Rheology and sensory properties of stirred yoghurts (Talk)
Julita van Oosten-Manski, Sheelagh Hewitt, Lisa Rutherford, Monica Campbell

Evaluation of date syrup and guar gum addition on Rheological properties of Low fat Orange yog-ice cream (Poster)
Elnaz Milani, Homa Baghaea, Ali Mortazavi

Predicting yogurt thickness - A combination of ingredients and processing (Talk)
Marja Kanning, Fred van de Velde, Peter de Jong

Impact of high-pressure microfluidization on rheological and textural properties of skim milk yogurts (Poster)
Ian Ciron, Vivian Gee, Mark Auty

A new tribology device for assessing mouthfeel attributes of foods (Talk)
Stefan Baier, Doug Elmore, Brian Guthrie, Tim Lindgren, Sean Smith, Adam Steinbach, Stephane Debon, Joost Vanhemelrijck, Patrick Heyer, Joerg Laeuger

Crosslinking enzymes as tools for structure engineering of milk protein based foods (Talk)
Martina Lille, Dilek Ercili Cura, Riitta Partanen, Pirkko Forssell, Raija Lantto, Kaisa Poutanen, Johanna Buchert

Instant infusion pasteurization for gentle heat treatment of milk for cheese making: Rennet coagulation properties (Talk)
Anni B. Hougaard, Richard Ipsen

Pectin stabilization of acidified milk drinks: Casting light on the mechanism (Talk)
Richard Ipsen, Claus Rolin, Søren Jensen

Effect of transglutaminase-treated milk powders on the properties of skim milk yoghurt (Talk)
Christopher Guyot, Sabine Lauber, Ulrich Kulozik

Microparticulated Whey Protein as Fat Replacer in Yoghurt (Talk)
Isabel Celigueta Torres, Richard Ipsen, Jes C. Knudsen, Bente Bjerre Østergaard

Dielectric relaxations and stickiness of dairy powders influenced by glass transition (Talk)
Nattiga Silalai, Sean Hogan, Donal O'Callaghan , Yrjo H. Roos

What does added calcium do in heat-induced denaturation, aggregation, and gelation of whey proteins? (Poster)
Emmanuelle Riou, Palatasa Havea, Owen McCarthy, Harjinder Singh

Rheology, microstructure and physical properties of fermented milk gels when the incubation temperature was altered after the gelation point was detected (Talk)
Yan Peng, John A. Lucey, David S. Horne

Study of interactions between exopolysaccharides produced by strain Lactobacillus rhamnosus RW-9595M and milk proteins (Talk)
Sylvie L. Turgeon, Veronica Plesca

Functional gels of whey protein and pullulan blends (Talk)
Stephanie T. Sullivan, Christopher A. Eckert, Michael S. Cannon, Thomas J. Fink, Saad A. Khan

Dynamic visualization of syneresis of cheese curd during mechanical treatment (Poster)
Xiaolu Geng, Richard Ipsen, Anni Nielsen, Thomas Janhoej

Effect of heat treatment on the formation of acid milk gel: a kinetic study using rheology and confocal microscopy (Talk)
Fanny Guyomarc'h, Marlène Jemin, Véronique Le Tilly, Marie-Noelle Madec, Marie-Helene Famelart

Impact of iron fortification on some physiochemical and rheological properties of dairy gels (Poster)
Sana Raouche, Marie Dobenesque, Arjen Bot, Sylvie Marchesseau

Scattering and Spectroscopy

Simultaneous light scattering-rheology measurements for studying stress induced phase (Talk)
Aadil Elmoumni, Aloyse Franck, Matthew E. Helgeson, Matthew D. Reichert, Jason M. McMullan, Norman J. Wagner

Quantifying graininess of glossy food products (Poster)
Flemming Moeller, Jens Michael Carstensen

Neutron scattering as a tool for food science (Talk)
Elliot Gilbert

Photometric instrumentation for evaluation of dispersion stability and optimization of separation and stabilization of dispersions (Poster)
Titus Sobisch, T. Detloff, Dietmar Lerche, M. Wolff, M. Holke

Speeding up the evaluation of the physical stability of beverage dispersions (Poster)
Titus Sobisch, T. Detloff, Dietmar Lerche

MuPEPT: A new method for non-invasively particulate flows (Talk)
Serafim Bakalis, Z. Yang, A. Ingram, Peter J. Fryer, David Parker, Andrea Gabriele

Sedimentation and consolidation of concentrated dispersions characterized by space and time resolved transmission measurements (Talk)
Dietmar Lerche, Titus Sobisch, Anne-Katrin Zierau

Ultrasonic real-time monitoring of aggregation processes in milk protein systems (Poster)
Vitaly Buckin, Agnieszka Ochenduszko

Texture Analysis

Effect of microcristallin cellulose as a fat replacer on textural and sensory properties of low fat hamburger (Poster)
Fereshte Hosseini, Elnaz Milani

Effects of somatic cell counts on the physiochemical and rheological properties of yoghurt made from sheeps' milk (Poster)
Masoud Najaf Najafi, Arash Koocheki

Rheological, sensory and electron microscopical characterization of processed cheese (Talk)
Katrin Schrader, Kristina Lueck, Wolfgang Hoffmann, Kurt Einhoff

Influence of power ultrasound on textural properties of corn starch gels (Poster)
Mladen Brncic, Ivana Ljubic Herceg, Drago Subaric, Marija Badanjak, Suzana Rimac Brncic, Branko Tripalo, Damir Jezek, Petra Cerovec, Zoran Herceg

Rheological measurement methods to predict material properties of fat based coating materials (Poster)
Cornelia Grabsch, Sabine Grüner, Frank Otto, Karl Sommer

Microstructure engineering for the development of novel satiety concepts (Talk)
Tim Lambers, Joost Overduin, Saskia de Jong

Hydrophobicity and the human tongue (Poster)
Hans Tromp, Els de Hoog

The Effect of Stabilizers and Fat Content on Physical and Whipping Properties of Low Fat Confectionary Cream (Poster)
Seyed Ahmad Shahidi Yasaghi, Azade Ghorbani Hasansaraei, Ali Motamedzadegan, Shabnam Hamzeh, Shahram Naghizade, Zahra Esfandiari

Evaluation of Physicochemical Properties of Yoghurt Fortified with Calcium Salts (Poster)
Azade Ghorbani Hasansaraei, Hamid Bahador Ghoddosi, Ali Mortazavi, Seyed Ahmad Shahidi Yasaghi, Ali Motamedzadegan, Shabnam Hamzeh

Correlation of the physiological perception of potato crisps texture and compression & acoustic emission measurements (Poster)
Manfred Kilger, Claudia Schua, Harold L. Peet, Virginie Dujon

Development of a new functional mayonnaise with walnut oil (Poster)
Silvana Cavella, Amalia D'Amore, Rossella Di Monaco, Paolo Masi

Use of the texture profile analysis (TPA) test for a rheological characterization of food bolus collected in the course of mastication (Talk)
Marie-Agnes Peyron, Isabelle Gierczynski, Alain Woda, Chrystel Loret, Christoph Hartmann, N. Martin

Composite food gels: Linking large deformation properties to sensory perception (Talk)
Guido Sala, Caroline Leclert, Fred van de Velde, Markus Stieger

Prediction of mouth feel of semi solid foods by means of cognitive algorithms (Talk)
Alexander Kutter, Cornelia Rauh, Antonio Delgado

Rheology, microstructure and sensory characteristics of yoghurt produced from microfluidized milk (Poster)
Vivian Gee, Ian Ciron, Mark Auty

Sensory evaluation and rheological behaviour of hot beverages (Poster)
Fanny Le Reverend, Xiaojun Gao, Elisabeth Walton

Effect of natural fiber source addition (Fibrex) on dough rheology and Textural properties of Barbari bread (Poster)
Elnaz Milani, Hashem Pourazarang, M. Karimy

Application of image texture analysis for evaluation of osmotically dehydrated kiwifruit qualities (Poster)
Milad Fathi, Mohebbat Mohebbi, Seyed Mohammad Ali Razavi

Measuring microstructure of foods under oral conditions (Poster)
Els de Hoog, Diane Dresselhuis, Fred van de Velde, Hans Tromp

Fractal analysis of some chitosan based colloidal systems (Poster)
Niculina-Viorica Stanescu, Mihaela Olteanu, Mircea Rusu, Manuela Florea-Spiroiu

Apple pastille: Correlation between feature extracted from texture image analysis and sensory characterics (Poster)
Fakhri Shahidi, Mohebbat Mohebbi, Milad Fathi, Roya Rezaee, Safieh Khalilian


Influence of glycolipids on wheat dough rheological properties, bread volume and crumb properties (Poster)
Patrick Selmair, Peter Koehler

Basic Dough Rheology and the Kieffer Test (Talk)
Roger Tanner, Shaocong Dai, Fuzhong Qi, Marcus Newberry, Ferenc Bekes

Temperature and fermentation dependence on wheat flour dough characteristics (Poster)
Idriss Mohammed, Bernhard Senge

Separation of wheat flour into starch and gluten - Mechanisms and differences between flour cultivars (Talk)
Elsbeth Van der Zalm, Amal Sawalha, Atze Jan van der Goot, Remko Boom

Change in phases morphologies during the mixing of a complex suspension of attractive and non-attractive particles : the case of flour-water batters (Talk)
Marie-Helene Morel, Frédéric Auger, Andreas Redl

Study on the interfacial and bulk viscoelastic properties in dough of soluble proteins and native lipids from wheat flour (Talk)
Laura Piazza, Jiabril Gigli

Tailoring the structure of starch based food matrices through processing (Talk)
Nadina Mueller-Fischer, Beatrice Conde-Petit

A new approach to characterizing the thixotropic behaviour of starch gel (Poster)
Tamara Dapcevic, Petar Dokic, Ljubica Dokic

Fibre-gluten interactions and their implications for dough and dough processing (Talk)
Anneke Martin, Albert Jurgens, Martijn Noort

The microstructure of a protein suspension and its viscoelastic behavior. (Talk)
Lieke van Riemsdijk, Atze Jan van der Goot, Rob J. Hamer, Nienke Reurink

Development of structure in cake batters (Talk)
Amy K.S. Chesterton, Geoff D. Moggridge, D. Ian Wilson, Peter A. Sadd

Crumb texture and color analysis with image processing in Iranian breads enriched with soy flour (Poster)
Mohebbat Mohebbi, Fakhri Shahidi, Ahmad Ehtiati

Rheological modelling of dough formation during farinografic test (Talk)
Massimo Migliori, Bruno de Cindio, Sebastiano Correra

The mechanical spectrum of dough determined from ultrasonic techniques (Talk)
Martin G. Scanlon, John H. Page, Valentin Leroy, Yuangzhong Fan, Keyur L Mehta

Effects of hydrocolloids on batter rheology and breadmaking performance of gluten-free flours (Poster)
Donatella Peressini, Monica Pin, Alessandro Sensidoni

Biopolymer Solutions and Gels

State diagram of starch predicted with Flory-Huggins-Free Volume theory (Talk)
Ruud van der Sman, M. Meinders

Viscous fragility of concentrated maltopolymer/disaccharide mixtures (Poster)
Matthew Sillick, Christopher M. Gregson

Polymerization of Aqueous Dispersions of Whey Protein Isolate for the Production of Food Thickener (Poster)
Ahmed Eissa, Dania M. Mohamed, Kawther S. Uoness, Mohammed M. Azab, Noha S. Abed, Duha Abu El-Aish

Biopolymer solution rheology and salt perception (Talk)
Anne-Laure Koliandris-Gady, Cecile Morris, Joanne Hort, Andy Taylor, Bettina Wolf

Rheological analysis of chemically crosslinked protein gels in absence or presence of an anionic polysaccharide (Poster)
Yuanyuan Dong, Tim Foster, John R. Mitchell, Bettina Wolf

Effect of high pressure treatment on rheological properties of xanthan/guar mixtures (Poster)
Bernhard Senge

The critical aggregation concentration of beta-lactoglobulin based fibril formation. (Talk)
Ardy Kroes-Nijboer, Paul Venema, Jacob Bouman, Erik van der Linden

Improving mouth feel by modulating microstructure and large deformation properties (Poster)
Saskia de Jong, Fred van de Velde, Eva-Maria Düsterhöft

Evolution of the steady and oscillatory rheological properties of aqueous systems of Tragacanth gum with storage time (Poster)
Francisco Chenlo, Ramón Moreira, Claudia Silva

Rheology of microstructures based on spinodally decomposed polysaccharides fluid gels (Talk)
Andrea Gabriele, Fotios Spyropoulos, Ian Norton

Evolution of the steady and oscillatory rheological properties of aqueous systems of guar gum with storage time (Poster)
Francisco Chenlo, Ramón Moreira, Claudia Silva

On the study of fracture properties of starch gels (Talk)
Chaiwut Gamonpilas, Maria N. Charalambides, J. Gordon Williams, P.J. Dooling, S.R. Gibbon

Multi-scale estimation of water solubles diffusivity in polisaccaridic gels (Poster)
Laura Piazza, Jiabril Gigli, Sabrina Bertini, Giorgio Eisele

Influence of flaxseed gum on cold set whey protein gels induced by salt addition (Poster)
Katia Regina Kuhn, Ângelo Luiz Fazani Cavallieri, Rosiane Lopes da Cunha

Distinguishing sources of variation in thickening capacities of common random coil polysaccharide thickeners used by the food industry (Talk)
Michael Pollard, Barbara Eder, Peter Fischer, Erich J. Windhab

Impact of Trichoderma reesei tyrosinase on rheology and microstructure of acidified milk and sodium caseinate gels (Poster)
Dilek Ercili Cura, Martina Lille, Riitta Partanen, Johanna Buchert, Raija Lantto

Formation of supramolecular assemblies based on Beta-lactoglobulin and core-shell total Acacia-gum-quercetin submicronic particles (Talk)
Leila Aberkane, Sanchez Christian

Influence of alphas- and beta-casein on the gelatinisation and subsequent amylolytic digestion of waxy maize starch (Poster)
Anthony P. Kett, Sinead M. Fitzsimons, Edwin R. Morris, Mark A. Fenelon

Influence of functional properties on microstructure, rheology and texture of carob protein isolate (CPI) gels (Poster)
Carlos Bengoechea, Sara Molina, Antonio Guerrero, María Cecilia Puppo

Rheological characterisation of maltodextrins obtained from different botanical origin starch (Poster)
Miroslav Hadnadjev, Ljubica Dokic, Biljana Pajin, Jelena Mihic

Synergistic interaction of Balangu seed gum with selected food hydrocolloids: The rheological investigation (Poster)
Seyed M.A. Razavi, Bahareh Emadzadeh, Toktam Mohamadi Moghadam

Phase equilibria and rheological behavior of polysaccharide/protein mixtures in the presence of sugars (Talk)
Asja Portsch, Fotios Spyropoulos, Ian Norton

Design of complex microstructures and processes for advanced salt reduction in foods (Poster)
Tom Mills, Fotios Spyropoulos, Ian Norton, Serafim Bakalis

Interplay between microstructure and mechanical properties in carrageenan gels in NaCl salt and in gelatin gels (Talk)
Loic Hilliou, Manfred Wilhelm, Maria do Pilar Gonçalves

Rheological properties of starch-aroma model systems (Poster)
Donatella Peressini, Alessandro Sensidoni

Characterization of fibrillar assembly of beta-lactoglobumin at low pH (Poster)
Lizhe Wang, Daniela Obroceanu, Mark Auty

Haematoccocus pluvialis microalga biomass in mixed gel systems - rheological characterization under different gel setting conditions (Poster)
Ana Paula Batista, Cristiana Nunes, Patricia Fradinho, Luísa Gouveia, Isabel Sousa, Anabela Raymundo, Jose M. Franco

Investigation of the effect of hydrophilic silica particles and monoolein on the stability against coalescence of mixed-emulsifier emulsions (Talk)
Roman Pichot, Fotios Spyropoulos, Ian Norton

Whey protein gel as model system for testing the effect of hydrocolloids as a barrier to fat uptake during deep fat frying (Poster)
Jonas Hoeg Hansen, Astrid Wisby Tobiasen, Tina Ahmt

Structural and rheological characteristics of gels from amaranth protein concentrates obtained by different processes (Poster)
Dagnith Liz Bejarano-Lujan, Rosiane Lopes da Cunha, Flávia Maria Netto

Phase separation behavior of milk proteins in the presence of two polysaccharides: flaxseed gum and kappa-carrageenan, studied using diffusing wave and ultrasonic spectroscopy (Talk)
Astrid Chappelaz, Marcela Alexander, Milena Corredig

Soft acid confectionaries: The texture and state transition specificities of gelatin in comparison to agar and pectin (Poster)
Anne Matignon, Sandra Domenek, Jean-Marc Sieffermann, Sylviane Guedj, Noëlle Brambati, Camille Michon

Dynamic mechanical properties of k-carrageenan/caseinate mixtures (Poster)
Nono Merveille, Doininique Durand, Taco Nicolai, Lazhar Benyahia

Rheological characterization of yam (Dioscorea spp.) starch and flour (Poster)
Georgette Konan, Judith Brunnschweiler

Determing local diffusion properties using most likelihood evaluation of fluorescence recovery after photobleaching data (Poster)
Joel Hagman, Niklas Loren, Jenny Jonasson, Anne-Marie Hermansson

Rheological characterization of pea starch gel for candy production (Poster)
Domenico Gabriele, Massimo Migliori, Noemi Baldino, Bruno de Cindio

Influence of intrinsic and extrinsic factors on characteristics of pectin-calcium-gels (Talk)
Ilse Fraeye, Eugenie Doungla Ngouemazong, Thomas Duvetter, Sandy Van Buggenhout, Ann Van Loey, Paula Moldenaers, Marc Hendrickx

Rheological and sensory characterization of low-fat set yoghurt as influenced by tapioca starch, beta-glucan and milk protein (Poster)
Dominik Guggisberg, P. Piccinali, P. Eberhard, B. Rehberger

State diagrams of several starches treated with high hydrostatic pressure (Poster)
Kazutaka Yamamoto, Kiyoshi Kawai, Ken Fukami, Erina Goto, Akihiko Sasagawa, Akira Yamazaki

Rheological and texture properties of thermally processed egg yolk/k-carrageenan mixtures (Poster)
Jose Manuel Aguilar, Antonio Guerrero, Ana Paula Batista, Cristiana Nunes, Felipe Cordobés, Anabela Raymundo

Predicting saltiness: An in-mouth salt release model (Poster)
Serafim Bakalis, Benjamin J.D. Le Reverend, Bettina Wolf, Guoping Lian

Advanced design of biopolymer solution rheology for sensory analysis (Poster)
Anne-Laure Koliandris-Gady, Elizabeth Rondeau, Justin J. Cooper-White, Timothy Foster, Andy Taylor, Bettina Wolf

Colloidal Systems

Stabilization of dispersed solid particles in dilute fermented dairy drinks by fluid gel structure (Poster)
Seyed Mohamad Mousavi, Hosein Kiani, Seyed Hadi Razavi

The effect of pH and temperature on the interfacial structure of proteins: Setting the scene for human digestion of emulsions (Talk)
Julia Maldonado-Valderrama, A. Patrick Gunning, Nicola C. Woodward, Michael J. Ridout, Victor J. Morris, Peter J. Wilde

Rheology and phase behavior of dense casein micelle dispersions (Talk)
Antoine Bouchoux, Belkacem Debbou, Geneviève Gésan-Guiziou, Marie-Helene Famelart, Jean-Louis Doublier, Bernard Cabane

Towards full control of the interactions between like-charged (food) colloids and polymers (Talk)
Kitty van Gruijthuijsen, Najet Mahmoudi, Herve Dietsch, Anna Stradner

Hyperthermophilic Enzyme Immobilization on Nanofibrous Supports for Food Processing (Talk)
Christina Tang, Carl Saquing, Sindhura V. Sevala, Stephen W. Morton, Robert M. Kelly, Saad A. Khan

The effect of tea constituents on the rheological and foaming properties of globular proteins (Talk)
Nazlin K. Howell, Weiguo Wu

Rheology of concentrated suspensions and mode-coupling theory (Poster)
Miriam Siebenbuerger, David Hajnal, Matthias Fuchs, Horst Henning Winter, Matthias Ballauff

Non-linear flow properties of a wormlike micellar system driven by a shear induced isotropic-nematic phase (Poster)
Cesare Oliviero Rossi, Ruggero Angelico, Gerardo Palazzo, Giuseppe Antonio Ranieri

Study of Rheological and Stability Related Properties of Carrot Juice Colloidal System with Low Acyl and High Acyl Gellan Gum (Poster)
Marjan Sherafati, Seyed Mohammad Mousavi, Ahmad Kalbasi Ashtari, Mohsen Labafi Mazrae Shahi


Physical stability of food dispersions and rheological behaviour of the dispersion medium (Poster)
Dietmar Lerche, Titus Sobisch

Rheological properties of suspensions with dispersed nano-sized particles (Poster)
Steffi Hempel, Cornelia Bellmann, Mandy Mende

Influence of solid particle surface properties on adsorption of surface active components in lipophilic suspensions (Poster)
Knut Franke, Ute Bindrich

Rheological study of suspensions dispersed in a non-Newtonian phase (Poster)
Ana Carla Kawazoe Sato, Rosiane Lopes da Cunha

Emulsions and Foams

Progress in formulating microemulsions containing Triglycerides as well as Phospholipids (Talk)
Sabine Schetzberg, Sandra Engelskirchen, Magdalena Baciu, Reinhard Strey

Self-assemblages induced by dynamic heat-treatment: their role in foam structuration and stabilization (Poster)
Irina Nicorescu, Alain Riaublanc, Catherine Loisel, Christophe Vial, Gholamreza Djelveh, Gerard Cuvelier, Jack Legrand

Interfacial Shear Rheology of Coffee (Talk)
Joerg Laeuger, Patrick Heyer

The influence of solid particles at the interface (Pickering emulsion) on the droplet retraction after a large strain jump (Talk)
Lazhar Benyahia, Lydiane Bécu, Souad Assighaou

Mechanical analysis of model emulsions and estimation of the particle size both base on FT-Rheology (Talk)
Manfred Wilhelm, Kathrin Reinheimer, Christopher Klein

Air filled emulsions for the food industry (Talk)
Fideline L. Tchuenbou-Magaia, Ian Norton, Phil W. Cox

Fat crystal-stabilized W/O emulsions for controlled salt release (Poster)
Sarah Frasch-Melnik, Fotios Spyropoulos, Serafim Bakalis, Ian Norton

Fabrication of monodisperse edible oil in water emulsion and double emulsion with high porosity microsieves (Talk)
Nagesh A. Wagdare, Antonius T.M. Marcelis, Cees J.M. van Rijn

Multiple emulsions based on the interactions between sodium caseinate and LBG (Poster)
Fabiana Perrechil, Rosiane Lopes da Cunha

A new technique to understand emulsification processes (Talk)
Nima Niknafs, Fotios Spyropoulos, Ian Norton

Single Droplet Deformation and Break-up in Mixed Flow Conditions (Talk)
Elia Boonen, Peter Van Puyvelde, Paula Moldenaers

Influence of the presence of monostearin on the interfacial rheological behavior of gluten and soy protein films (Poster)
Luisa Lopez, Antonio Guerrero, Julia de la Fuente, Manuela Ruiz

Mechanical characterisation of confectionery wafers (Poster)
Idris Mohammed, Maria N. Charalambides, J. Gordon Williams, John Rasburn

Emulsion microstructure preparation using membrane emulsification (Poster)
Robin Hancocks, Fotios Spyropoulos, Ian Norton

Modeling of osmotic pressure and shear modulus of highly concentrated emulsions in the presence of inter-droplet interaction (Talk)
Reza Foudazi, Irina Masalova, Alexander Ya. Malkin

Duplex emulsion stability during emulsification process; effect of glucose on salt migration (Poster)
Aleksandra Pawlik, Ian Norton, Stephen Moore

Osmotic driven transport through liquid/liquid interfaces (Poster)
Sebastien Marze, Axel Syrbe

Prediction of vegetable oil viscosity using Front-Face Fluorescence Spectroscopy: A preliminary study (Poster)
Ainur Barylbekova, Jamila Smanalieva, Asylbek Kulmyrzaev

Influencing egg yolk functionality by enzymatically modified phospholipids (Poster)
Waldemar Buxmann, Ute Bindrich, Knut Franke

The effect of colloidal composition of WPI-stabilized emulsions on the rennet coagulation properties of recombined milk studied by diffusing wave spectroscopy (Talk)
Zafir Gaygadzhiev, Marcela Alexander, Milena Corredig

A rheological prediction model for W/O rapeseed and soybean oil emulsion using an inverse analysis (Poster)
Iuliana Vintila, Yannick Melinge, Adinel Gavrus

The influence of whey processing on emulsifying properties of whey proteins (Poster)
Renata Kovacova, Jiri Stetina, Lenka Diblikova

Mircrofluidic T-channels as a model system for membrane emulsification - Tailoring surface properties to control droplet formation and detachment (Poster)
Sebastian Holzapfel, Laurenz Huerlimann, Peter Fischer, Erich J. Windhab

Pectin as an improver of rheological, foaming and emulsification properties of egg-white protein (Poster)
Jafar Al-Hakkak, Fadia al-Hakkak

Droplet deformation and break-up enhancement by using riblet-like microfluidic devices (Talk)
Fabrizio Sarghini, Paolo Masi, Filippo Maria Denaro

A comparative analysis of interfacial and bulk rheology of protein-stabilized O/W emulsions (Talk)
Alberto Romero Garcia, Antonio Guerrero, Felipe Cordobés, Valérie Beaumal, Elisabeth David-Briand, Marc Anton

Evaluation of aging processes in angel cake egg-white foams (Talk)
Daiva Daugelaite, Martin Scanlon, John H. Page

Olive oil emulsions as puff pastry shortening replacer (Poster)
Francesca Romana Lupi, Noemi Baldino, Domenico Gabriele, Massimo Migliori, Bruno de Cindio

Stability and rheological properties of nanoemulsions based on natural oils (Poster)
Miguel Wulff-Perez, Juan De Vicente, Amelia Torcello-Gomez, Antonio Martín-Rodríguez, Maria Jose Gálvez-Ruiz

Interfacial properties influence the rheology and creaming of protein stabilised oil-in-water emulsions (Poster)
Michael J. Ridout, Beatriz Herranz Hermandez, Alan R. Mackie, Peter J. Wilde

Semi-Solid Foods

Rheological behavior of pineapple puree mixed with different types of Stabilizers (Poster)
Bernhard Senge

Effect of mixed polysaccharide gums on rheological behavior of pineapple puree (Poster)
Bernhard Senge

Rheological and sensory properties of a typical soft ice cream as influenced by selected food hydrocolloids (Poster)
Seyed M.A. Razavi, Maryam Bahram Parvar, Mohammad H. Haddad Khodaparast

Effects of different milk substitutes on the pasting, rheological and textural properties of puddings (Poster)
Cristina Alamprese, Manuela Mariotti

Rheology of spinach puree (Poster)
Phuong-Uyen Nguyen, Christina Roxo, Elisabeth Van Hecke, Danièle Clausse, Jean-Louis Lanoiselle

Influence of model cheese structure on salt diffusion and perception (Poster)
Maud Panouille, Clement De Loubens, Anne Saint-Eve, Isabelle Souchon

Design complex microstructures and processes for advanced salt reduction in foods (Poster)
Andrea Williams, Guoping Lian, David Haydock, Stephen Moore, Rachana Shah, Qingguo Xu, Shiping Zhu, Bettina Wolf, Louise Hewson, Anne-Laure Koliandris-Gady, Cecile Morris, Andy Taylor, Serafim Bakalis, Sarah Frasch-Melnik, Robin Hancocks, Tom Mills, Ian Norton, Benjamin J.D. Le Reverend, Fotios Spyropoulos, Jing Cao, Feng Liu, Sergio Vasquez

Improvement of textural properties of spaghetti using gluten and hydroxypropyl cellulose (Poster)
Mahsa Majzoobi, Raheleh Ostovan, Asgar Farahnaky, Gholamreza Mesbahi, Mohammad Hadi Eskandari

Influence of Processing on Structure and Rheology

Effect of irradiation on rheological properties of gum tragacanth exudate from three species of Iranian Astragalus (Poster)
Samira Alijani, Mohammad Amin Mohammadifar

Influence of modification techniques on physico-chemical, rheological and morphological properties of sago starch and its application in biodegradable films (Poster)
Dharmesh Chandra Saxena

Poloxamers as a solution for the biocompatibility of polymeric surfaces with plasma proteins: a surface tension study (Poster)
Amelia Torcello-Gomez, Julia Maldonado-Valderrama, Antonio Martín-Rodríguez, María José Gálvez-Ruiz

Rheology and structure of high pressure treated gelatin gels (Talk)
Leszek Kulisiewicz, Antonio Delgado

Effects of emulsifying salts with increased potassium content on textural properties of block-type processed analogue cheese used as pizza-toppings (Poster)
Kristina Lueck, Wolfgang Hoffmann, Katrin Schrader, Norbert Johannsen

Rheological properties of plant dispersions in relation to their microstructure (Talk)
Li Day, Mi Xu, Sofia Oiseth, Yacine Hemar, Leif Lundin

The effect of microwave on extraction yield and pectin quality in apple pomace and lemon peel (Poster)
Mohammad Zarei

Promotion of new food products for the water yam Dioscorea alata: french-fries, Crisps and Roesti (Poster)
Charlemagne Nindjin, Elise Koffi, Yetioman Toure, Olivier Kouadio, Andres Tschannen, N’Guessan Georges Amani

Compatibilization of starch-zein blends under shear flow (Talk)
Edwin Habeych, Atze Jan van der Goot, Remko Boom, Shuji Adachi

Microstructure changes of starch granules and cells in potatoes prepared by common cooking methods used in Latvia (Poster)
Irisa Murniece, Dace Klava, Ruta Galoburda, Daina Karklina

Rheology and processing of model pudding formulations (Poster)
Crispulo Gallegos, Nuria Nunez, Concepcion Valencia, Pedro Partal, Jose M. Franco, Edmundo Brito-de la Fuente

Rheological properties of milk protein solutions after thermal treatment and high pressure homogenization (Poster)
Elena Venir, Marchesini Giulia, Biasutti Marialuisa, Nadia Innocente

Damage of PGPR resulting from application of mechanical stresses (Poster)
Steven J. Hess, William Hanselmann, Erich J. Windhab

Impact of vacuum pasteurization on textural attributes of various apples cultivars (Poster)
Emira Mehinagic, Corinne Patron, Jean-Luc Courthaudon, Frederique Jourjon

Rheology and microstructure of protein-based bioplastics with antimicrobial activity (Talk)
Pedro Partal, Abel Jerez, Inmaculada Martinez, Antonio Guerrero, Crispulo Gallegos, Yolanda Vergara

Heat and pressure induced protein structures in sausage batter (Talk)
Ute Bindrich, Filip Tintchev, Volker Heinz

How long can dried carrageenophyte seaweeds be stored without affecting carrageenan gel properties? (Poster)
Loic Hilliou, Fabio D.S. Larotonda, Maria do Pilar Gonçalves, Alberto M. Sereno

Effects of fermentation on beta-glucan and viscous properties of different wholemeal oat flours (Poster)
Annalisa Romano, Paolo Masi, Laura Flander, Pekka Lehtinen, Anu Kaukovirta-Norja , Kaisa Poutanen

Yam (Dioscorea spp.) starches present a high potential as texturing agent in food (Poster)
Valentine N'da Kouame, Matthias Derungs, Stephan Handschin, Amani N’Guessan Georges, Béatrice Conde-Petit

Quick and reliable method of preparation of strong homogeneous calcium-pectin gels (Poster)
Eugenie Doungla Ngouemazong, Steven Vandebril, Thomas Duvetter, Ilse Fraeye, Ann Van Loey, Paula Moldenaers, Marc Hendrickx

Structural quality of carrots in relation to beta-carotene in vitro bio-accessibility (Talk)
Lien Lemmens, Sandy Van Buggenhout, Indrawati Oey, Ann Van Loey, Marc Hendrickx

Formation of fibrous texture from dense calcium caseinate dispersions (Poster)
Katarzyna Grabowska, Atze Jan van der Goot

Effect of microwave cooking on physicochemical properties of wheat starch (Poster)
Mahsa Majzoobi, Mohsen Radi, Asgar Farahnaky, Jalal Jamalian, Taewee Tongdang

Texture improvement of Dioscorea alata yam based Rösti (Poster)
Yetioman Touré, Charlemagne Nindjin, N'Guessan Georges Amani

Lipids and Fats

Non-triglyceride structuring of edible oils: tubules in sterol + gamma-oryzanol-based organogels (Talk)
Arjen Bot, Ruud van Adel, Eli C. Roijers, Christos Regkos

Engineered healthy indulgence: development and characterization of cocoa butter emulsions (Talk)
Jennifer Norton, Phil W. Cox, Peter J. Fryer, John Parkinson

Rheological modification of reduced fat chocolate induced by the addition of limonene (Talk)
Tram-Anh Line Do, Joselio Vieira, Jeremy Hargreaves, John R. Mitchell, Bettina Wolf

Fat migration in chocolate and new methods to determine local diffusion in heterogeneous biomaterials (Talk)
Niklas Loren, Jenny Jonasson, Maud Langton, Anne-Marie Hermansson

Fat reduction whilst maintaining the sensory characteristics of fat using multiple emulsions (Talk)
Stuart M. Clegg, Angus I. Knight, Cindy J.M. Beeren, Peter J. Wilde

A rheologic study of amorphous functional confections constructs in synthetic saliva (Poster)
Jennifer Ahn-Jarvis, Sylvan G. Frank, Steven J. Schwartz, Yael Vodovotz

Measuring and modeling the structure of chocolate (Talk)
Benjamin J.D. Le Reverend, Peter J. Fryer, Ian Smart, Serafim Bakalis

Prediction of chocolate bloom using LV SEM and Raman Imaging (Poster)
Hanna Dahlenborg, Birgit Brandner, Anna Fureby, Daniel J.E. Kalnin, Fredrik Johansson

Shear rheology of molten crumb chocolate and similar suspensions (Poster)
Joel Taylor, Mike Johns, Alex Routh, D. Ian Wilson, Isabella Van Damme

The use of profilometry measurements for chocolate bloom detection (Talk)
Hanna Dahlenborg, Anna Fureby, Fredrik Johansson, Daniel J.E. Kalnin

Influence of process and formulation on chocolate rheology (Talk)
Noemi Baldino, Domenico Gabriele, Massimo Migliori, Bruno de Cindio


Investigation of monodisperse droplet generation in co-flow (Talk)
Manuela Duxenneuner, Peter Fischer, Justin J. Cooper-White, Erich J. Windhab

Encapsulation systems based on proteins, polysaccharides, and protein-polysaccharide complexes (Talk)
Nam-Phuong Hua, Leonard M.C. Sagis, Gerben Scheltens, Liya Yi, Erik van der Linden

Enzymatic gelation for the microencapsulation of sensitive functional additives in milk protein matrices (Poster)
Thomas Heidebach, Petra Först, Ulrich Kulozik

Modelling Dynamics of Complex Food Systems with Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics (Talk)
Leonard M.C. Sagis

Acidic whey protein gels for encapsulation of bioactive plant compounds (Talk)
Michael Betz, Alexander Tolkach, Ulrich Kulozik

The Use of Ultrasound for Cardamom oil encapsulation into milk-based matrices (Poster)
Masoud Najaf Najafi, Rassoul Kadkhodaee, Ali Mortazavi

An in-vitro small intestine model for studying absorption of encapsulated actives (Talk)
Monica R. Jaime-Fonseca, A. Tharakan, Ian Norton, Peter J. Fryer, Serafim Bakalis, Benjamin J.D. Le Reverend

Effect of confinement and kinetics on the morphology of phase separating gelatin-maltodextrin droplets (Talk)
Sophia Fransson, Niklas Loren, Anne-Marie Hermansson

Magnetoresponsive Lanthanide doped phospholipid vesicles (Talk)
Paul Beck, Marianne Liebi, Peter Fischer, Joachim Kohlbrecher, Ishikawa Takashi, Peter Walde, Erich J. Windhab

Encapsulation and Stability of bioactive proteins in gel loaded liposomes (Poster)
Alan M. Smith, Monica R. Jaime-Fonseca, Faridah Yahya, Liam M. Grover, Serafim Bakalis

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