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You can download the full Book of Abstracts 2006, the contents of the book are listed below.

Keynote lectures

Stabilization of bubbles and foams by adsorbed proteins and nanoparticles (Talk)
Eric Dickinson, Brent S. Murray

Multistage gel structure formation at elevated thermal conditions in dairy based systems - Processing and compositional effects (Talk)
Sonja Roeck, Ulrich Kulozik

Uniqueness of the gel point behavior for a multiplicity of materials (Talk)
Horst Henning Winter

Structure dynamics and properties (Talk)
Anne-Marie Hermansson

Image analysis and mass transport in gels (Talk)
Niklas Loren, Anne-Marie Hermansson, Magnus Nyden

Compression and shear surface rheology in spread layers of beta-casein and beta-lactoglobulin (Talk)
Pietro Cicuta

Self-assembly of proteins: Recent observations (Talk)
Erik van der Linden, Paul Venema

Colloidosomes: Controlled encapsulation (Talk)
Kevin D. Hermanson, Andreas Bausch

The key role of rheology in engineering functional microcapsule structures for food fortification (Talk)
Erich J. Windhab

Extensional rheology of wheat flour doughs (Talk)
Gareth McKinley, Trevor Ng, Mahesh Padmanabhan

Rheological methods

Rheo-Microscopy and Rheo Small Angle Light Scattering (Rheo-SALS) as complementary tools for investigations of structure-property relations in complex fluids (Poster)
Jörg Läuger, Patrick Heyer

Separation of the linear response, as detected via FT-Rheology, into physical phenomena (Poster)
Christopher Klein, Manfred Wilhelm, Hans Wolfgang Spiess

Rheological behaviour of biscuit dough in relation with water mobility (Talk)
Ali Assifaoui, Dominique Champion , Eleni Chiotelli, Aliette Verel

Combined effect of both stress and time on the viscosity of high concentrate fibre suspensions (Talk)
Elena Bayod, Pernilla Månsson, Fredrik Innings, Björn Bergenståhl, Eva Tornberg

Back extrusion geometry: Toward a simple way to study the reological and tribological behaviour of yield stress fluids (Talk)
Arnaud Perrot, Christophe Lanos, Patrice Estellé, Yannick Mélinge

Prediction and characterization of the rheological properties of suspensions of grinding media in a horizontal media mill (Poster)
Steven J. Hess, William Hanselmann, Erich J. Windhab

Measurement of yield stress in dark chocolate using vane rheometry (Talk)
Brian S. Baker, Douglas Brown, Ramaswamy C. Anantheswaran, William Hanselmann

Effect of fructose syrup addition on the rheological behaviour of Croatian honeys (Poster)
Nela Nedic Tiban, Mirela Kopjar, Jurislav Babic, Vlasta Pilizota, Drago Subaric

Compact form of working equations for capillary rheometry (Talk)
Jan Engmann, Adam S. Burbidge

Effect of Ca and Mg on the rheology of molasses and rate of crystallization of sucrose (Poster)
Satindar Kaur, R.S.S. Kaler, Varun Gupta, Jaspreet Singh

Rheometry based on a new optical detection scheme: Principle and applications of DWS (Talk)
Frank Scheffold, Peter Schurtenberger, S. Kumar Bhat, Frederic Cardinaux, Peter Fischer, Cornelia Heinemann, Beatrice Conde-Petit, Norbert Willenbacher

Modeling the effect of food model gel structure on the microbial growth pattern (Talk)
Michael Antwi, Kristel Bernaerts, Rika Jenné, Jan F. Van Impe, Annemie H. Geeraerd

The AR-G2 magnetic bearing rheometer used with a Du Nuöy ring to perform surface rheological measurements (Poster)
Bernard Costello, Aloyse Franck, Andrew Cox

The Cyber Infrastructure Initiative for Rheology (Poster)
Horst Henning Winter, Marian Mours

Phase-separated dextran/gelatine mixtures under shear (Talk)
Markus Stieger, Carmilla Lundell, Els de Hoog, Hans Tromp, Anne-Marie Hermansson

Rheological modelling and numerical methods

Rheological characterization of honey, ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard (Poster)
Jose Angel Guerrero-Beltran, Jorge S. Welti-Chanes, Gustavo V. Barbosa-Cánovas, Pablo Juliano-Otero

Rheology of Gaz-angubin (the manna of Persia) (Poster)
Asgar Farahnaky, Zahra A. Shojaee

Numerical studies of transport properties in heterogeneous food systems (Talk)
Peggy Courtois, Rammile Ettelaie, Jianshe Chen

Study of the effect of glycine on the rheological properties of molasses at different temperatures (Poster)
Aamarpali Ratna Puri, Satindar Kaur

Rolling of wheat flour (Talk)
Maria Charalambides, Wenfeng Xiao, J. Gordon Williams

Simulation and experiments of droplet deformation in shear flow with and without surfactants (Talk)
Kathleen Feigl, Peter Fischer, David Megias-Alguacil, Erich J. Windhab

The impact of rheological properties on mouth feeling caused by food (Talk)
Katrin Mathmann, Wojciech Kowalczyk, Hannes Petermeier, Michael Eberhard, Albert Baars, Antonio Delgado

Influence of geometry on the thermal-hydraulic performance of plate heat exchangers (Talk)
Carla S. Fernandes, Ricardo P. Dias, Joao M. Nobrega, Joao Maia

Extrusion Flow of Polymer Blends with Droplet Morphology (Poster)
Andre Braun, Marco Dressler, Erich J. Windhab

Texture analysis

Serum release: The hidden quality in fracturing composites (Poster)
Ladislava van den Berg, Ton van Vliet, Erik van der Linden, Tiny van Boekel, Fred van de Velde

Enzymatic modification of chicken breast myofibril proteins: Effect of oxidative enzymes and transglutaminase on gelation and thermal stability (Talk)
Raija Lantto, Johanna Buchert, Karin Autio, Eero Puolanne

Relation between apple biochemical composition and texture (Poster)
Ludivine Billy, Gaëlle Royer, Emira Mehinagic, Carole Prost, Frédérique Jourjon

Sensory, rheological and spectroscopic characterization of low-fat and non-fat cream cheese (Talk)
Thomas Janhoej, Michael Bom Froest, Charlotte Moeller Andersen, Nanna Viereck, Richard Ipsen, Susanna Edrud

Differences in texture and polyphenol profiles of two opposite apples sides (blushed and un-blushed) (Poster)
Gaille Royer, Audrey Houillier, Emira Mehinagic, Frédérique Jourjon

Fracture events in rusk roll and the effect of changing water activity (Talk)
Eva Maria Castro-Prada, Hannemieke Luyten, Ton van Vliet

Modifications of Bostwick method to determine tomato concentrate consistency (Poster)
Mostafa Mazaheri Tehrani, Amir Gandi

Objective measurements of apple texture with penetrometry, compression and acoustic methods in relation to the sensory perceptions (Talk)
Emira Mehinagic, Royer Gaelle, R. Symoneaux, Frédérique Jourjon

Texture of semi-solid foods and its relationship with microstructural, rheological and thermal properties (Talk)
Silvana Cavella, Rossella Di Monaco, Tiziana Giancone, Paolo Masi

"Instrumental texture measurements" - a delusive concept (Talk)
Jan Engmann, Adam S. Burbidge, Colin Servais

Relationships between rheological properties and perceived texture of mayonnaise (Poster)
Kentaro Maruyama, Toshiyuki Sakashita

Study of structure and flavour release relationships in low moisture bakery products by means of acoustic-mechanical combined techniques and the electronic nose (Talk)
Laura Piazza, Jiabril Gigli, Simona Benedetti

Characterization of apple tissue: Small and large deformation rheological tests (Poster)
Paula Varela, Ana Salvador, Susana Fiszman

Astringency in beverages: Relating tribological properties to mouthfeel (Poster)
Markus Stieger, Alexandra Boelrijk, Agnieszka Chojnicka, Ronald Visschers

Biopolymer solutions and gels

Swelling profile of carrageenan samples in different environments (Poster)
Janne R. Hansen, Heidi Nielsen

Rheological characterization of water jellies - a brand new texture (Poster)
Heidi Nielsen, Janne R. Hansen

Influence of soluble (Tragacanthin) and insoluble (Bassorin) fractions of gum tragacanth (Astragalus Gossypinus) on rhegological properties of the whole gum (Poster)
Mohammad Amin Mohammadifar, Mohammad Musavi, Peter A. Williams

Comparison of rheological properties of starch gels from wheat mutants with reduced amylose content (Poster)
Tomoko Sasaki, Takeshi Yasui, Chikako Kiribuchi-Otobe, Takashi Yanagisawa, Masaya Fujita, Kaoru Kohyama

Physicochemical and structural properties of Iranian rice varieties (Poster)
Asgar Farahnaky, Taghi Miri, Mahsa Majzoobi

Characterization of protein gels based on polymer blend models (Talk)
Jake Mulligan, Allen Foegeding

Effect of saturation of wheat starch phosphates with cations on rheological properties of starch paste (Poster)
Leslaw Juszczak, Mariusz Witczak, Teresa Fortuna

NMR study of the polyethyleneglycols diffusion in casein suspensions and gels (Talk)
Roxane Colsenet , Francois Mariette, Olle Soderman

Morphology of protein and polysaccharides mixtures at rest and under shear (Poster)
Ana Luiza M. Braga, Vishweshwara Herle, Robert A. Lobmaier, Rosiane L. Cunha, Peter Fischer, Erich J. Windhab

Impact of heating and enzymatic crosslinking on the rheological properties of acidified milk gels (Talk)
Doris Jaros, Janett Pätzold, Harald Rohm

Engineering properties of edible films intended for food applications (Talk)
Paolo Masi, Mauro Moresi, Laura Piazza, Tiziana Giancone, Prospero di Pierro

Vane rheology to measure breakdown dynamics of biopolymer gels (Talk)
Anke Janssen, F. van de Velde, A. Dissaux

Characterization of the linear and nonlinear rheological response of pea protein/kappa-Carrageenan solutions including the dynamics of gel formation (Poster)
Rachel Musampa, Manfred Wilhelm, Joao Maia

Formation of gelatin jellies in the presence of melon pulp (Poster)
Kuanshbek Musabekov, S. Tazhibaeva, A. Tanubaeva, B. Tussupova

Gelling properties of a kappa/iota hybrid carrageenan: Effect of salt, concentration and steady shear (Talk)
Loic Hilliou, Maria do Pilar Gonçalves

Application of biogenic ice nucleator for food processing: Effect of xxtra cellular ice nucleator on the reduction of freeze-thaw cycles abuse of textural gel-forming capacity of frozen fish actomyosin (Talk)
Xun-Tao Zhu , Tung-Ching Lee

Why are locust bean gum galactomannans partially soluble? (Talk)
Michael Pollard, Roger Kelly, Peter Fischer, Erich J. Windhab, B. Eder, Renato Amadó

Macromolecular assemblies

Study of complex coacervation between beta-lactoglobulin and molecular fractions of acacia gum by small angle static light scattering (Talk)
Suzanna Akil, Christian Sanchez, Denis Renard

Shear microphase orientation and reorientation in lamellar diblock and triblock copolymer melts as detected via FT-Rheology and 2D-SAXS (Talk)
Claude Oelschlaeger, Jochen Gutmann, Markus Wolkenhauer, Hans Wolfgang Spiess, Konrad Knoll, Manfred Wilhelm

Kinetics of shear microphase orientation in lamellar triblock copolymer melts as detected via FT-Rheology and 2D-SAXS (Poster)
Claude Oelschlaeger, Jochen Gutmann, Markus Wolkenhauer, Hans Wolfgang Spiess, Konrad Knoll, Manfred Wilhelm

The length distribution of a fibrils measured by flow birefringence (Talk)
Salman S. Rogers, Paul Venema, Leonard Sagis, Athene M. Donald, Erik van der Linden

Biopolymer structures in solution: Their role in mixing and flavour release (Talk)
Sandra E. Hill, Anne-Laure Ferry, Nuno Sereno, Joanne Hort, John Mitchell

Enzymatic crosslinking of beta-lactoglobulin: Conformational properties using FTIR spectroscopy (Talk)
Ahmed S. Eissa, Christa Puhl, John F. Kadla, Saad A. Khan

Rheological properties and structure formation of binary and ternary mixtures containing polysaccharides and globular proteins (Poster)
Frédéric Simonet, Catherine Garnier, Jean-Louis Doublier

Food emulsions and interfaces

Perception of the creaminess of dairy emulsions of well-defined droplet size and controlled rheology (Talk)
Eric Dickinson, Mahmood Akhtar, Brent S. Murray

Nano-emulsion properties and the potential of use in food systems (Poster)
Gholam Hassan Asadi, Seyed Mohammad Mousavi

Spin-echo SANS to probe the droplet cluster structure acidified temperature-cycled o/w emulsion gels (Talk)
Arjen Bot, Frank P. Duval, Chris P. Duif, Wim G. Bouwman

Rheological behaviour of palm oil/water emulsions (Poster)
Juan-Carlos Arboleya, Michael J. Ribout, Peter J. Wilde

Effect of interfacial permeability and bending rigidity on the dynamics of immiscible biopolymer systems (Talk)
Elke Scholten, Leonard Sagis, Erik van der Linden

Phase transition behaviour of acidifying oil in water emulsions; micro-rheology versus macro-rheology (Talk)
Hilde Ruis, Paul Venema, Erik van der Linden

Mozzarella cheese made of phospholipase treated milk (Talk)
Hanna Lilbaek, Mikkel Laust Broe, Tine Muxoll Fatum, Erik Hoeier, Richard Ipsen, Niels Kristian Sørensen

Rheological analysis of model food emulsions stabilized with some commercial biopolymers (Poster)
Jaroslav Katona, Petar Dokic

Characterization of colloidal products by front-face fluorescence: Application to oil-in-water emulsions and food systems (Talk)
Christine Granger-Guilmin, Philippe Barey, Jean-Pierre da Costa, Jean Toutain, Maud Cansell

Influence of sugars and sweeteners on the stability of oil-in-water emulsions (Poster)
Ivy Aboagye, Mostafa Barigou

Rheological and spectroscopic studies of emulsions containing proteins and oxidized lipids (Talk)
Nazlin K. Howell, Suhur Saeed

The role of viscoelastic interfaces in emulsion rheology studied by interfacial rheology, single drop deformation and Rheo-Small Angle Light Scattering (Poster)
Philipp Erni, Vishweshwara Herle, Peter Fischer, Erich J. Windhab

In situ studies of high methoxyl pectin interactions with casein-stabilized oil droplets during acidification (Talk)
Milena Corredig, Claudie Bonnet, Marcela Alexander

Rheological properties of o/w emulsions with addition of maltodextrins of different botanical origin (Poster)
Ljubica Dokic, Petar Dokic, Miroslav Hadnadjev

Making good foams and emulsions – The role of adsorption layer properties and emulsifier self-assembly phenomena (Talk)
Martin Leser, Jean Baptiste Bezelgues, Sébastien Serieye, Philippe Frossard, Simone Acquistapace, Corinne Appolonia-Nouzille, Dimitri Grigoriev, Reinhard Miller

High frequency mechanical spectra of oil in water emulsions (Poster)
Gul Konuklar


High pressure freezing of dough (Poster)
Martina Lille, Karin Autio

Bread dough characterisation using oscillatory and biaxial extension technique (Poster)
Domenico Gabriele, Massimo Migliori, Bruno de Cindio

Rheological model of sponge-type goods baking (Talk)
Bruno de Cindio, Domenico Gabriele, Massimo Migliori, Noemi Baldino

Effect of extrusion cooking on the molecular and physical properties of cereal starches (Talk)
Mahsa Majzoobi, Sandra E. Hill, Steve E. Harding

Effect of temperature on viscosity of potato starch syrups (Poster)
Leslaw Juszczak, Dorota Galkowska, Teresa Fortuna

Mechanisms of emulsifiers in wheat dough (Talk)
Rolf Kieffer

Quality characteristics of low temperature stored breads containing hydrocolloids - Effect of freezing and cold storage (Talk)
Ioanna Mandala, Anastasia Kapetanakou, Dionysia Karabela, Athanasios Kostaropoulos

Gluten-free breads structural and textural characteristics (Poster)
Regine Schoenlechner, Emmerich Berghofer, Ioanna Mandala, Alexandra Kiskini, Athanasios Kostaropoulos

Effect of climatic conditions of wheat breeding on linear viscoelastic properties of wheat gluten studied using a phenomenological analysis in retardation and in dynamic experiments (Talk)
Anna Pruska-Kedzior, Zenon Kedzior, Jacques Lefebvre, Elzbieta Bera, Justyna Golinska-Krysztofiak, Katarzyna Hryciuk

Freezing of bread dough: Properties of ice and unfrozen matrix in relation to dough structure (Talk)
Astrid Baier-Schenk, Stephan Handschin, Felix Escher, Beatrice Conde-Petit

Effect of dietary fibre addition on rheological and bread-making properties of wheat doughs (Poster)
Donatella Peressini, Luisa Gracco, Alessandro Sensidoni

Effects of transglutaminase and laccase on large deformation rheological properties of wheat doughs and caseinate gels (Talk)
Karin Autio, E. Selinheimo, P. Myllaerinen, J. Buchert

Dairy Products

Solid state interactions between major components of model infant formulas during storage (Talk)
Ali Nasirpour, Joël Scher, Michel Linder, Stéphane Desobry

Comparison of two different rheological methods for the characterization of set yoghurt (Poster)
Dominik Guggisberg, Pius Eberhard, Bruno Albrecht

Nanorheology of renneted gels of casein concentrate at pH 5.2 and 6.1 (Talk)
Kristina Helstad, Patrick Gunning, Anders O. Karlson, Ylva Ardoe, Marie Paulsson, Petr Dejmek

Dynamic mechanical characterization of gelling micellar casein particle suspensions (Talk)
Anne Pitkowski, Nicolai Taco, Durand Dominique, Benyahia Lazhar

Cold-set gelation of fibril assemblies in aqueous whey protein mixtures (Talk)
Suzanne Bolder, Hanneke Hendrickx, Leonard Sagis, Erik van der Linden

Modeling of emulsion behaviour in nozzle expansion (Talk)
Massimo Migliori, Domenico Gabriele, Noemi Baldino, Rosa Di Sanzo, Bruno de Cindio

A structure analysis of milk clotting (Poster)
Stefano Curcio, Domenico Gabriele, Massimo Migliori, Cesare Oliviero

Impact of the formulation on ice cream air phase structure and stability (Talk)
Christine Granger-Guilmin, Philippe Barey, Maud Cansell

Bubbles evolution in aerated foods (Poster)
Noemi Baldino, Rosa Di Sanzo, Domenico Gabriele, Massimo Migliori, Bruno de Cindio

Physicochemical and organoleptical qualities of plain, concentrated, and fruit yoghurts sold in Konya, Turkey (Poster)
Ahmet Ayar, Durmus Sert

Rheological properties of rennet induced casein gels from ultrafiltrated skim milk at cooking temperatures (Talk)
Anders Ola Karlsson, Richard Ipsen, Sundaram Gunasekaran, Ylva Ardo

Macro- and microstructure of milk foams (Poster)
Katja Borcherding, Katrin Schrader, Peter Christian Lorenzen, Wolfgang Hoffmann

Structure formation and structure kinetic on acidification of milk (Poster)
Bernhard Senge, Reinhard Blochwitz, Monika Brückner, Bärbel Lieske

Structure-property-relationship of fresh cheese during storage (Talk)
Ute Bindrich, Ernst H. Reimerdes

The use of time-temperature superposition to study the rheological properties of cheese during melting (Talk)
Chinthu T. Udayarajan, David S. Horne, John Lucey

Effect of ageing time at 4°C on the rheological and structural properties of Ice Cream Mix: Impact of milk fat composition (Talk)
Ali Bazmi, Bernard Launay, Gerard Cuvelier , Albert Duquenoy, Alain Sommier , Perla Relkin

Influence of skim milk powder addition on rheological properties of heat-set gel of whey protein concentrate (Poster)
Jiri Stetina, Ladislav Curda

Crystalline phases and phase behaviour

The influence of mechanical agitation on the crystallization behavior of emulsified lipids: A simultaneous SWAXS/Shear/DSC study (Talk)
Daniel Kalnin, Gerard Keller, Michel Ollivon, Olivier Schafer, Heinz Amentitsch

Nonisothermal nucleation of triacylglycerol melts (Talk)
Alejandro Marangoni, Dongming Tang, Anand Pal Singh

Non-TAG structuring of edible oils (Poster)
Arjen Bot, Francois G. Gandolfo, Eckhard Floeter

The non-equilibrium phase and glasslike transition behavior of beta-lactoglobulin (Talk)
Roger Parker, Timothy Noel, Geoffrey Brownsey, Stephen Ring, Katrin Laos

Monitoring Lipid Structues in Liquid Oil (Talk)
Daniel Kalnin, Michel Ollivon, Camille Michon

Complex rheological and analytical investigations into selected German and Kyrgyz commercial grades of honey (Talk)
Jamila Smanalieva, Monika Brückner, Bernhard Senge

Complex rheological investigations into lard, goose dripping and selected spreadable sausages (Poster)
Nico Hildebrandt, Bernhard Senge

The effect of lactose and whey powder on the gelatinization and retrogradation of tapioca starch (Poster)
Jurislav Babic, Drago Subaric, Nela Nedic Tiban, Mirela Kopjar

Automated multi-sample moisture sorption analysis: Instrumental facts and characterization of food products (Poster)
Erwin E. Marti, Ulrich J. Griesser, M. Noisternig, Jürgen Dillenz

Thermal and mechanical determinations of glass transition temperature (Tg) in saccharide mixtures (Poster)
Bruce A. Kiefer, William Hanselmann, Ramaswamy C. Anantheswaran

The effect of aldehyde formation on frozen food texture (Poster)
Rabia Alghazeer, Nazlin K. Howell

Influence of processing on structure and rheology

Starch melt processing and foaming - Experimental visulisation of bubble growth using a Multipass Rheometer and modelling (Talk)
Nitin Nowjee, Malcolm Mackley

Prediction of sensory properties in fresh cheese by multivariate image analysis (Poster)
Ulf Andersen, Alicia Pedersen, Anna Kirsten Sørensen

Textural changes of green peas and spinach under blanching and different freezing rates (Poster)
Isabelle Lecreps, Farah Barbouche, Jean-Louis Lanoiselle

A rheological technique improving production start-up in biscuit manufacturing (Talk)
Massimo Migliori, Bruno de Cindio, Lucio Cicerelli

A rheology controlled process for fruit extract production (Poster)
Domenico Gabriele, Massimo Migliori, Giulia Elia, Bruno de Cindio

Formation of beta-lactoglobulin fibrils at low temperature due to a short shear treatment (Talk)
Cynthia Akkermans, Paul Venema, Salman S. Rogers, Atze Jan van der Goot, Remko Boom, Erik van der Linden

Influence of UHT heating conditions and high pressure homogenisation on structural properties of mixed biopolymer systems (Talk)
Felix Sedlmeyer, Ulrich Kulozik

In situ rheological measurements in a scraped surface heat exchanger (Poster)
Hayat Benkhelifa, Graciela Alvarez, Denis Flick

Influence of processing on rheology and structure of concentrated caseinate-fat systems (Talk)
Julita Manski, Atze Jan van der Goot, Remko Boom

Rheological and physicochemical characterization of pastes reconstituted from drum-dried flakes of yam (Dioscorea spp.) (Poster)
Georgette Konan, N'zi Georges Agbo, Judith Brunnschweiler, Felix Escher, Jeannette Nüssli, Beatrice Conde-Petit

Rheological properties of model fat blends (Poster)
Marketa Zarubova, Ivo Piska, Eva Tylkova, Vladimir Filip

Effect of blanching by ohmic heating on the texture of apple cubes (Poster)
Luc Marchal, Hind Allali, Eugene Vorobiev, Jean-Louis Lanoiselle

Studies on the rheological and functional properties of corn starch treated with accelerated electron beams and electrical discharges (Poster)
Monica Nemtanu, Mirela Brasoveanu, Radu Minea

New insights into the factors influencing muscle protein gelation (Poster)
Bradley J. Wright, William Pope, David Johnston, Tyre C. Lanier

Viscosity and aggregation of beta-lactoglobulin under high pressure (Talk)
Albert Baars, Leszek Kulisiewicz, Ronald Gebhardt, Wolfgang Doster, Antonio Delgado

Influence of microstructure on the mechanical properties of mixed biopolymer gels (Talk)
Chrystel Loret, William J. Frith, Peter J. Fryer

Validation of tools of instrumental characterizations of dough made from tropical starchy crops (Poster)
Charlemagne Nindjin, Olivier Kouadio, Georgette Konan, Andres Tschannnen, N’Guessan Georges Amani, Alphonse Kamenan

Structure development in polymer blends and single droplet dynamics during flow in confinements (Talk)
Anja Vananroye, Peter Van Puyvelde, Paula Moldenaers

Structural Relationships of Shear Worked Cocoa Butter (Talk)
Rodrigo Campos, Alejandro Marangoni

Structure-rheology relationships

Effect of ripening stage on rheological properties of prickley pear pulp (Poster)
Salah K. El-Samahy, El-Sayed Abd El-Hady, Ramadan A. Habiba, Tamer E. Mousa

Composition-rheology-property relationships of commercial fruit leathers (Talk)
Peter Torley, Johann de Boer, Bhesh R. Bhandari, Peter J. Halley

Mechanics of oral texture perception (Talk)
Julia Strassburg, Adam S. Burbidge, Christoph Hartmann, Antonio Delgado

Rheological properties of date pulp and concentrate (Poster)
Salah K. El-Samahy, El-Sayed Abd El-Hady, Gamal A. Mostafa, Khaled M. Youssef

The effect of freezing and frozen storage on the rheological parameters of Anna apple pulp (Poster)
Salah K. El-Samahy, S.A. Soliman, Hamdy A. El-Mansy, A.S. Soliman

Characterization of the ice crystal structure of food materials using X-ray micro-computed tomography (Talk)
Reza Mousavi, Taghi Miri, Phil Cox, Peter J. Fryer

Characterizing low ester pectin microstructure in dairy desserts by direct immunostaining and CLSM (Talk)
Ditte Arltoft, Finn Madsen, Richard Ipsen

Dynamic mechanical properties of heat-set globular protein gels (Talk)
Matthieu Pouzot, Lazhar Benyahia, Taco Nicolai, Dominique Durand

Shear and extensional rheology of biopolymer mixtures in relation to their coating performance (Talk)
Philip S.-K. Chan, Jianshe Chen, Rammile Ettelaie, Stefan Alevisopoulos, Eddy Dan, Sam Smith

Non-Newtonian behaviuor of heather honey (Poster)
Mariusz Witczak, Leslaw Juszczak

The influence of different exopolysaccharide producing bacterial strains on the functionality, microstructure and sensory perception of yoghurt (Poster)
Richard Ipsen, Ditte Folkenberg, Anne Skriver, Petr Dejmek

Observations on the rheopectic properties of starches from different sources: The influence of granule size distribution and shape for the rheological properties and the processing properties of wheat dough (Poster)
Rolf Kieffer

Effect of triacylglycerol composition on the crystallisation and rheological properties of commercial shortenings (Poster)
Wongsiri Jirasubkunakorn, Alan Bell, Michael Gordon, Kevin Smith

On the effect of inulin on dough rheology and breadmaking performance (Poster)
Silvana Cavella, Tiziana Giancone, Annalisa Romano, Paolo Masi

The sol-gel transition: Is it universal? (Talk)
Max Kolb, Michel Audebrand, Monique Axelos

Influence of vibration on structure-rheological properties of highly concentrated suspension (Talk)
Boris Ouriev, Peter Braun, Naum Uriev

Rheological characterization of cocoa creams (Talk)
Donatella Peressini, Barbara Bravin, Romano Lapasin, Alessandro Sensidoni

The effect of fat substitutes on the time-dependent rheological properties of low fat sesame paste/date syrup blends (Halwa-Ardeh) (Poster)
Seyed M.A. Razavi, Mohammad B. Habibi Najafi

Shelf life predition of liquid food products based on multisample analytical centrifugation (Poster)
Dietmar Lerche, Titus Sobisch, Stefan Kuechler

Microstructural changes on batters induced by dosing processes. Relationship to rheological properties (Poster)
Raquel Baixauli, Teresa Sanz, Ana Salvador, Susana Fiszman

On-line sensoring

Rheology and velocity profiles of real food suspensions caontaining large solid particles investigated in-line UVP-PD method (Talk)
Johan Wiklund, Mats Stading

In-line extraction of rheological flow curves at constant production rate (Talk)
Paolo Perona, Sebastiano Sordo

Melting cheese products - Correlations of online viscosity measurement of to taste and texture (Talk)
Lothar Gehm, Norbert Luschka, J. Schelske-Gehm

Application of UVP to food flow (Talk)
Yasushi Takeda, Tomoyuki Ohkubo

Industrial application of ultrasound based in-line rheometry: From stationary to pulsating pipe flow of chocolate suspension in pre-crystallisation process (Talk)
Boris Ouriev, Peter Braun, Jochen Lisner, Erich J. Windhab

Determination of stability, consolidation and particle size distribution of liquid or semi-liquid food products by multisample analytical centrifugation (Talk)
Dietmar Lerche, Titus Sobisch, Torsten Detloff

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