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You can download the full Book of Abstracts 2003, the contents of the book are listed below.

Opening Lecture

Particulate fluids processing, from molecule to colloids: An overview
David V. Boger

Plenary and Keynote Lectures

Food structure and its relation to starch digestibility, glucose and insulin metabolism
Karin Autio, K.H. Liukkonen, K. Juntunen, K. Katina, D.E. Laaksonen, H. Mykkaenen, L. Niskanen, K. Poutanen

Optical microrheology - From local microscopic dynamics to macroscopic viscoelastic properties
Fred Cardinaux, Anna Stradner, Frank Scheffold, Peter Schurtenberger

Emulsion morphology follow-up by simultaneous in situ conductivity and viscosity measurements during a dynamic temperature-induced transitional
Joachim Allouche, Eric Tyrode, Véronique Sadtler, Lionel Choplin, Jean-Louis Salager

Surface force studies of polymer-surfactant complexes at the solid-liquid interface: Relation to structure of bulk complexes
Per M. Claesson, Magnus Bergström, Andra Dedinaite

Aggregated casein gels: Interactions, rheology and microstructure
Eric Dickinson, Caroline Eliot

Towards efficient droplet dispersing processes in laminar flow fields
Kathleen Feigl

From structure and rheology to sensory quality of food
Felix Escher, Beatrice Conde-Petit, Jeanette Nuessli

Complex fluid interfaces and emulsions stability
Gerald G. Fuller, Edward Stancik, Pietro Cicuta

Protein-polysaccharide functionality and interactions in frozen dairy desserts
H. Douglas Goff

Kinetic control in structure engineering
Anne-Marie Hermansson

The mechanical properties of brittle, cellular and particulated cereal foods
Micha Peleg

From ultrathin networks to microcapsules: Structure, properties and theoretical description
Heinz Rehage, Martin Husmann, Anja Walter

Design of edible materials - why and how
Mats Stading

Supramolecular assembly and rheology in food systems
Eric van der Linden, L.M.C. Sagis, P. Venema

Rheology and microstructure - Keys for quality processing of food systems
Erich J. Windhab

Rheological Methods

Squeezing flow for rheological characterisation of food materials
Patrice Estellé, Christophe Lanos, Yannick Mélinge, Colin Servais

Development of a measuring system for determining mash rheology
J. Herrmann, K. Sommer

Rheological characterization of weakly structured food samples: Using a rheometer at extremely low torques
Jörg Läuger, Thomas Mezger, Simone Will, Klaus Wollny

Texture profiling with the vane: A general method for characterizing the rheology of shear sensitive soft foods
Alan Parker, Florence Vigouroux

Rheological methods for multiphase materials
C. Servais, H. Ranc, C. Sansonnens, S. Ravji, A. Romoscanu, A. Burbidge

Transient flow of highly concentrated suspensions investigated using UVP-PD method
Boris Ouriev, Erich J. Windhab

Characterisation of food quality and structural stability by analytical centrifugation
Dietmar Lerche, Liane Piesendel, Bernhard Senge


Shear induced solvent release from micro-gels
Tatiana Budtova, Sylvie Vervoort, Anna Zanina, Patrick Navard

Whey proteins polymers and gels through enzymatic crosslinking: A rheological study
Ahmed Eissa, Saad Khan

Rheology and swelling behavior of whey protein-based hydrogels
Lan Xiao, M.M. Ould Eleya, Sundaram Gunasekaran

Rheological properties of water-soluble wheat pentosans solutions and gels obtained from various cultivars of common wheat
Anna Pruska-Kedzior, Zenon Kedzior, Jan Michniewicz, Jacques Lefebvre, Piotr Koodziejczyk

Synergistic interaction of xyloglucan and Na type gellan
Yoko Nitta, Mayumi Shirakawa, Katsuyoshi Nishinari

Scaling in the dynamics of gelatin gels
Valéry Normand, Alan Parker

Biopolymer Solutions

Rheology and morphology control of hyaluronic acid/polyvinyl alcohol blend systems
K. H. Ahn

Ultracentrifugation as a non-destructive tool for studies of the rheological properties of wheat flour dough
Helena Larsson

Optical sectioning of aqueous biopolymer mixtures under shear flow
S. Caserta, M. Simeone, S. Guido

Gelation kinetics in phase separating biopolymers gelatin dextran mixtures
B. Loppinet, S. Mortimer, R.A.L. Jones, T. Ryan, D. Vlassopoulos

Effect of lactose on rheology of milk protein dispersions
Irene Marti, Peter Fischer, Erich J. Windhab

Macromolecular Assemblies

Mircostructural, thermal and rheological properties of iota-carrageenan / casein micelles mixed systems
C. Garnier, C. Michon, S. Durand, C. Chapuis, J.L. Doublier, G. Cuvelier

Rheology of fluid foods for dysphagic patients
Mustapha Ould Eleya, Sundaram Gunasekaran

Thermodynamic parameters of b-lactoglobulin/pectin complexes determined by isothermal titration calorimetry
Maude Girard, Sylvie L. Turgeon, Sylvie F. Gauthier

Microphase reorientation in block copolymer melts as detected by FT-Rheology and 2D-SAXS
M. Langela, Manfred Wilhelm

Influence of fat crystallization on the texture of foams
Camille Michon, Daniel Kalnin, François Mariette, Gaël Garnaud, Perla Relkin, Michel Ollivon,

Rheological Modeling and Numerical Methods

Aggregation and fragmentation in concentrated sub-micron suspensions
Georg Barthelmes, Frank Ernst, Sotiris E. Pratsinis

Rheological characterization and modeling of aqueous guar gum solutions
Marco Dressler, Peter Fischer, Erich J. Windhab

(Bio)Polymer crystallization in water-containing environments under complex conditions
Adam Gadomski, Jacek Síodmiak

Formation of pores in foods during drying and frying: A theoretical model
M. Shafiur Rahman

Rheological characterisation of cheese
S.M. Goh, M.N. Charalambides, S. Chakrabarti, J.G. Williams

Mathematical modeling of rennet casein gelation kinetics at different cooling rates
Qixin Zhong, Christopher R. Daubert

Influence of Processing on Structure and Rheology

The effect of cooling conditions on jet-cooked normal starch dispersions
Jeffrey A. Byars, George F. Fanta, Frederick C, Felker

Flow induced microstructural changes in a mycoprotein filamentous paste
T. Miri, S. Onakoya, P.J. Fryer, M. Barigou

Impact of disperse microstructure on rheology and quality aspects of ice cream
Hans Wildmoser, Judith Scheiwiller, Erich J. Windhab

The plasticisation effect of glycerol and water on the gelatinisation of wheat starch
Rulande P.G. Rutgers, Gena Nashed, Peter A. Sopade

Flow-induced structure development in aqueous biopolymer mixtures
Peter van Puyvelde, Yurij A. Antonov, Paula Moldenaers

Textural kinetics of soy fortified paneer during salt treatment process
Sudhir Uprit, H.N. Mishra

Production of shaped drops
Bernhard Walther, Lars Hamberg, Pernilla Walkenström, Anne-Marie Hermansson


Influence of shearing and time on the rheological properties of milk chocolate during tempering
Jenni L. Briggs

Rheology and sedimentation studies of sugar particle dispersions in food oils
Hélène Babin, Eric Dickinson, Helen Chisholm, Steve Beckett

Effects of different emulsifiers on rheological and physical properties of chocolate
Birgit Schantz, Lothar Linke, Harald Rohm

The influence of surfactants and moisture on the colloidal and rheological properties of model chocolate dispersions
Gregory R. Ziegler, Chiara Garbolino, John N. Coupland


Monitoring the structure of flocculated emulsions under shear by DWS and CSLM
T.B.J. Blijdenstein, Y. Nicolas, E. van der Linden, T. van Vliet, M. Paques, G.A. van Aken, A. Knaebel, J.P. Munch

Investigation and visualization of droplet dispersing processes in complex laminar flow fields
Stefan F.M. Kaufmann, Peter Fischer, Kathleen Feigl, Erich J. Windhab

Droplet size measurements in heat-treated acidified protein-stabilised oil-in-water emulsions using static light scattering and low-field NMR
Arjen Bot, Sotirios Kiokias, Erik van Maurik, Peter B. Hoos, Aleksander A. Reszka

Shear-induced morphology of aqueous biopolymer mixtures with a gelling phase
M. Simeone, M. Tassieri, V. Sibillo, S. Guido

Resistance property of fat droplets to coalescence in whipped emulsions: Effects of protein conformational state and fat crystallization
Perla Relkin, Stéphanie Sourdet, Pierre-Yves Fosseux

Structure-Rheology Relationship

The structural and compositional basis of creaminess in food emulsion gels
Stuart Clegg, David Kilcast, Stacey Arazi

Understanding the sensory attributes crispy and crunchy: An integrated approach
Hannemieke Luyten, Johan J. Plijter, Ton van Vliet

Mesostructure of fibrillar protein gels
Cecile Veerman, Leonard M.C. Sagis, Erik van der Linden

Effect of surface properties on textural characteristics of ice cream
Seyed-Mohammad Mousavi, Mohammad-Ali Bazmi, Mohammad-Reza Ehsani, Marie-Caroline Michalski

An ultrasound approach to investigate the properties of cereal foods
Hussein M. Elmehdi, Martin G. Scanlon, John H. Page


Disproportionation in systems of protein-stabilized gas bubbles
Zhiping Du, Brent S. Murray, Rammile Ettelaie, Eric Dickinson, Martin Bos, Ton van Vliet

Interfacial elasticity and the destabilisation of beer foams
Carole Moules

Rheology of surfactant assemblies at the air/liquid and liquid/liquid interface
Philipp Erni, Peter Fischer, Erich J. Windhab

Molecular structure and interactions in mixed protein-surfactant interfacial films
Victor J. Morris

Poster Session: Food Rheology

Flow behavior of Guava puree as a function of different enzyme treatments and concentration
S.K. El-Samahy, A.A. Askar, H.A. El-Mansy, H.T. Omran, N.A. Abd El-Salam

Effect of enzyme treatments and concentration of mango pulp on its flow behavior
H.A. El-Mansy, S.K. El-Samahy, A.A. Askar, H.T. Omran, N.A. Abd El-Salam

Rheological behavior of three non-processed fruit fluids (papaya, melon and watermelon) and their concentrates
D.C. Suárez-Quintanilla, R.C. Macedo-Ramírez, J.F. Vélez-Ruiz

Sucrose-CMC model solution - rheological characterization in the range of -10 °C to 50 °C
Maria Isabel Berto, Ana Carolina Amaral Gratão, Alfredo de Almeida Vitali, Vivaldo Silveira Junior

The effects of structuring additives on the rheology of food suspensions
S. Onakoya, M. Barigou

Rheological analysis of honey and propolis mixtures
Cleber Couto da Costa, Roberto Guimarães Pereira

Rheological and physical chemistry study of honey processed at different centrifuges
Cleber Couto da Costa, Roberto Guimarães Pereira, Mary Muniz

Characterization of glass transition temperature (Tg) of frozen foodstuffs by Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis (DMTA)
Mariem Lazghab, Jean-Louis Lanoisellé, Alvaro Amarante

Evaluation of flow and physicochemical properties of dressing formulated with avocado oil
A. Solano-Hurtado, J.F. Vélez-Ruiz

The effects of temperature and butter content on the rheological behaviour of cocoa mass
Jean-Louis Lanoisellé, Jean-Paul Lecoupeau

Poster Session: Rheological Methods and Modeling

The application of rheological thermal analysis to foods
Mahesh Padmanabhan

Characterisation of model dispersions by Fourier-Transform-Rheology
C. Klein, L. Hilliou, M. Wilhelm

Rheological properties of food emulsions
Hélène Ranc, Colin Servais, Caroline Sansonnens, Adam Burbidge

In-line flow and rheology measurements of complex, opaque fluids with velocimeter based rheometry using ultrasonics
Nihan Dogan, Michael J. McCarthy, Robert L. Powell

On major and minor losses for laminar non-Newtonian fluid flow
Primoz Ternik, Jure Marn

Measuring structure in low viscosity fluids using a rheometer with separate torque transducer (SMT)
Aly Franck, Ron Garritano

Use of a mixer geometry to determine the viscosity and linear viscoelastic properties of starch
Bernard Costello

Poster Session: Thermal Analysis

Gelatinisation of starch in mixtures of sugars
Peter Sopade, Peter Halley, Lenard L. Jim-Ming

State diagram of date flesh using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC): More than glass line and freezing curve
M. Shafiur Rahman

Rheological and calorimetric properties of liquid crystalline phases of aqueous dispersions of monopalmitin-monostearin blends
Eliazar Aguirre-Mandujano, Cesar Ignacio Beristaín, Consuelo Lobato-Calleros, Jaime Vernon-Carter

Poster Session: Spectroscopic Methods

Some strange optical phenomena occuring in highly concentrated solutions and dispersions
Clifton Zimmermann

Interfacial tension measurements of phase separated biopolymer mixtures
Yurij A. Antonov, Peter Van Puyvelde, Paula Moldenaers

On-line bubble size measurement using a multiple light backscattering sensor
Céline Balerin, Gérard Cuvelier, Pierre Aymard, Sophie Vaslin

Zeta potential measurements using Phase Analysis
Walther W. Tscharnuter

Poster Session: Biopolymer Solutions

Rheological behaviour of b-glucan from Botryosphaeria rhodina in aqueous dispersions
M. Moresi, M. Bruno, S. Crognale, M. Petruccioli

Phase separation and rheology of starch/xanthan systems. Effect of salt
Ioanna Mandala, Camille Michon, Bernard Launay

Mechanical and barrier properties of composite hydrocolloid films
Adriana Pinotti, Maria A. Garcia, Miriam N. Martino, Noemi E. Zaritzky

Investigations on mixed systems containing milk proteins, starch and carrageenan
Felix Sedlmeyer, Britta Rademacher, Ulrich Kulozik

Rheological properties of cashew/xanthan gums blends in cashew juice
Cheila G. Mothé, Denise Z. Correia

Multicomponent biopolymer gels: The Agarose-Carrageenan-Gellan system
Vincent Meunier

Poster Session: Gels

Gel-formation of sugar beet pectin by laccase
K. Autio, R. Lantto, J. Buchert

Influence of food structure on microbial proliferation characteristics
Karen Vereecken, Mieke Janssen, Michael Antwi, Jan van Impe

Melting behaviour of schizophyllan and scleroglucan exopolysaccharide gels at temperatures between 5 and 20 °C
Arjen Bot, Herbert E. Smorenburg, Rob Vreeker, Marcel Pâques, Allan H. Clark

Stress relaxation and mechanical properties of caseinate- annealed xanthan-sucrose gels acidified with glucono-d-lactone
Ana Luiza M. Braga, Aline R. Jaroszewski, Rosiane L. Cunha

Interactions in casein micelles / iota-carrageenan systems: Influence of the protein / polysaccharides ratio
Camille Michon, Catherine Garnier, Céline Chapuis, Sylvie Durand, Gérard Cuvelier, Jean-Louis Doublier

Relationship between the structue factore and elasticity of b-lactoglobulin gels
Matthieu Pouzot, Taco Nicolai, Dominique Durand, Lazhar Benyahia

A time-temperature study of de-acyl gellan in the presence of high levels of co-solutes
M.T. Nickerson, A.T. Paulson, R.A. Speers

Effect of proteolysis on the rheological properties of a whey protein concentrate
D. Torres, M.P. Gonçalves

Texture versus rheological behaviour of oxidised potato starch gels
Jadwiga Sadowska, Malgorzata Wronkowska, Grazyna Lewandowicz, Maria Soral-Smietana

Influence of preparation conditions of maltodextrin gel on food texture
Chrystel Loret, William J. Frith

Gelation of pectin-alginate mixture: Ultrastructure and rheological properties
Michel Audebrand, Catherine Garnier, Max Kolb, Monique A.V. Axelos

Heat-induced gelation of pectin-bovine serum albumin mixture: Ultrastructure and rheological properties
Laurence Donato, Catherine Garnier, Jean-Louis Doublier

Comparison of calcium release from a CaCO3-GDL system in absence and presence of pectins
Anna Ström, Martin A.K. Williams

Unsteady temperature rheological measurements applied to starch based products
S. Lagarrigue, G. Alvarez, M. Ude, L. Schmitt, D. Flick

Rheological properties of amaranth protein gels
Victoria Avanza, Cecilia Puppo, Cristine Añón

Poster Session: Food Emulsions

Structure building in O/W emulsions in shear induced by surfactant-nongelling polymer interactions
Ljubica Dokic-Baucal, Petar Dokic, Verica Sovilj

Rheological characterization of emulsion from soymilk
Cheila G. Mothé, Aline D. de Azevedo, Rosemar Antoniassi

Effect of some physical characteristics of trans free fat blends on emulsion stability and rheological properties of margarine
M.A.M. Zeitoun

Emulsifier functionality probed by interfacial rheology
M. Færgemand, B.V. Pedersen, S.K. Olesen, N. Krog

Formation and stabilization of emulsion with b-casein
Malgorzata Darewicz, Jerzy Dziuba, Tomasz Panfil

Poster Session: Dough

Effect of fermentation on rheological properties of wheat dough supplemented with potato fibre
Malgorzata Wronkowska, Jadwiga Sadowska, Maria Soral-Smietana

Effects of gluten and transglutaminase on microstructure, instrumental texture and sensory characteristics of oat bread
Marjatta Salmenkallio-Marttila, Katariina Roininen, Liisa Lähteenmäki, Karin Autio

Use of transglutaminase for developing pasta structure in pseudo-cereals systems
Elisabeth T. Kovács

Using ultrasound to investigate the structural and functional properties of wheat gluten
Hussein M. Elmehdi, Miklos I.P. Kovacs

Assessing the appropriateness of rheological parameters for the prediction of wheat quality and baking properties
Rolf Kieffer

The influence of fat on the rheological behaviour of wheat flour doughs at small and large deformation
Silvana Cavella, Antonio Nasti Russo, Paolo Masi

Effect of surfactant chain length and head group structure on the pasting behaviour of wheat flour and starch suspensions studied by viscographic techniques
Isabel Mira, Ann-Charlotte Eliasson, Karin Persson

Poster Session: Dairy Products

A research on production of high nutritional value aromatized yoghurt with wheat germ addition
Ahmet Ayar, Adem Elgün

Textural characteristics of mango soymilk fortified yoghurt and its optimization
Pradyuman Kumar, H.N. Mishra

Textural and rheological properties of edam cheese during ripening
Jaroslav Buchar, Sarka Nedomová, Jana Simeonovová

Rheological characterization of gelation process in acidified food systems: The Winter-Chambon criterion
Ana Luiza M. Braga, Rosiane L. Cunha

Effect of Locust Bean Gum (LBG) and NaCl/KCl on the gelation process of acidified casein
Aline R. Jaroszewski, Ana Luiza M. Braga, Rosiane L. Cunha

Rheological characteristics of milk protein gels - Influence of the stabilising bonds
Susanne Keim, Jörg Hinrichs

Microstructure and melting properties of manchego cheese-like products incorporated with caola oil, lipophilic and hydrophilic emulsifiers
José Velásquez-Varela, Consuelo Lobato-Calleros, Violeta Osorio-Santiago, Jaime Vernon-Carter

Rheological investigation of the technological potential of Dahlem Cashmere goat milk for cheese production
Sybille Neidhart, Ossama Dimassi, Reinhold Carle, Luc Mertz, Giovanni Migliore, Jörg Hinrichs, Anke Mané-Bielfeldt, Anne Valle Zárate

Influence of cheese ripening and cooling conditions on texture and rheological properties of processed cheese
Ivo Piska, Jirí Stetina, Helena Valentová, Linda Drevová, René Bien

Investigations in the rheology of stirred yoghurt
Laurent Schmitt

Mechanical treatment of milk concentrates during renneting
Beate Kornbrust, Erich Windhab, Markus Stalder

Poster Session: Meat and Fish

Rheological behaviour of Bologna sausages by quasistatic or dynamic methods
Mauro Moresi, Maria Bruno

Effects of rheological characteristics of brine on mass transfer during osmotic dehydration of Sardine sheets
Otoniel Corzo, Nelson Bracho, Elianny Figueroa

Production of a low-fat meat product using gelatin and high collagen beef meat
Asgar Farahnaky, Firouz Oghabi, Morteza Sayed Nassaj

Objective and subjective evaluation of meat
Jirí Sochor, Jana Simeonovová, Alzbeta Jarosová, Jaroslav Simek

The effects of high pressure processing on meat
Wouter Jansen, Dick Stegeman, Ariette Matser, Fred Beekmans

Poster Session: Influence of Processing on Structure and Rheology

Kinetics of textural changes of potato cubes during cooking
Smita Khodke, P.K. Chattopadhyay

Rheological and microstructural changes of starch/sugar/gelatine gels as a function of processing
Paulomi Ramesh Sukha, Rulande Rutgers, Bhesh Bhandari, Michael Scuderi

Rheological study of different oily currents involved in the manufacturing of corn oil
Otoniel Corzo, Marcos Sánchez

Rheological properties of papaya pieces during osmotic dehydration with additives
A.C.C. Rodrigues, R.L. Cunha, M.D. Hubinger

Effect of thermal treatment on the rheological properties of tomato sauces (Ketchup type)
Vasil Karagyozov, Christo Kratchanov

Reversed engineering and the texture of food products
Hannemieke Luyten, Pol Tijskens

Fibrillar b-lactoglobolin gels at neutral pH
Cecile Veerman, Harry Baptist, Leonard M.C. Sagis, Erik van der Linden

A novel approach to characterize the microstucture of fungal pastes
Taghi Miri, Philip W. Cox, Peter J. Fryer

Poster Session: Structure-rheology relationships

Application of rheo-optical tools to the analysis of food structure under shear
Ann Verly, Elena Tarabukinova, Jean-Marc Haudin, Edith Peuvrel-Disdier, Patrick Navard

A comparative study of acid-induced aggregation and gelation of milk: Effect of heat treatment
Valérie Chardot, Reine Barbar, Sylvie Banon, Joël Hardy

Denaturation, aggregation and gelation kinetics of chicken egg white ovalbumin at neutral pH
Mireille Weijers, Peter A. Barneveld, Martien A. Cohen Stuart, Ronald W. Visschers

Relationship between rheological properties and structure of baked products
Ute Bindrich

Rheological and structural properties of mayonnaise: Time course after emulsification
Kentaro Maruyama

Porosimetry and puncture test of freeze-dried abalone
Shafiur Rahman, Shyam S. Sablani

Poster Session: Sensory Evaluation

Cyclic compression and stress-relaxation tests to predict sensory cohesiveness, hardness and springiness of solid foods
Silvana Cavella, Rossella Di Monaco, Teresita Iaccarino, Paolo Masi

Texture of mayonnaise and dressing; relations between sensory attributes and physical properties
Marjolein E.J. Terpstra, Anke M. Janssen, Leo J. van Gemert, Rudi J.M. van Doorn, René A. de Wijk, Hugo Weenen, Erik van der Linde

Poster Session: Food Quality

Bubble formation technique to detect bacteriologically contaminated foods
Sayavur I. Bakhtiyarov

Capacitive technique for bacteria prediction in contaminated food
Sayavur I. Bakhtiyarov

Modelling of drying for high quality pasta production
Bruno de Cindio, Domenico Gabriele, Massimo Migliori, Claudio M. Pollini

The use of instrumental texture determination as a time-temperature integrator (TTI) to optimise vitamin retention: Case study of pressure cooking of green beans
Jean-Louis Lanoisellé, Inès Birlouez-Aragon, Patricia Lanoisellé, Marie-Pierre Murat, Georges Piar

Mechanical characteristics of eggshell of laying hens measured by destruction method
Sárka Nedomová, Jana Simeonovová, Jaroslav Buchar, Ladislav Máchal

Firmness of strawberries; improvement of fruit quality through manipulation of texture
Fred Rasing, Jaap Hulstein, Ronald Maas

Influence of spray drying conditions on tomato powder moisture
Athanasia M. Goula, Konstantinos G. Adamopoulos

Preliminary study of the soil impact on apple texture
G. Royer, E. Madieta, M. Reveillère, R. Symoneaux, S. Khaldi, F. Jourjon

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