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Food Rheology


Food Structure

Food Processing

Numerical Applications


Opening Paper

Process – Structure – Rheology Relationships of Multiphase Food Systems
Windhab, E.J.

Plenary Papers

The Role of Fat in Baked Products
Brooker, B.E.

Biopolymer Microstructure and Rheology
Hermansson, A.-M.

Rheology and Rheometry of Viscoelastic Fluids
Meissner, J.

Keynote Papers

Interfacial Structures in Emulsions and Foams
Buchheim, W.

Mixer-Type Rheometry for Food Products
Choplin, L., Marchal, P.

A Microrheological Model for the Viscosity of Stirred Yoghurt
De Kruif, C.G., van den Ende, D., van Marle, M.E., Mellema, J.

Protein-Stabilized Emulsion Gels: Rheology, Interactions and Structure
Dickinson, E.

From Structure and Rheology to Food Quality
Escher, F.

Constitutive Models for the Glassy, Rubbery, Entangled polymer flow and Reactive States of Food Systems
Kokini, J.

Rheo-mechanical and Rheo-optical Studies on Biopolymer Solutions and Gels
Kulicke, W.-M.

Food Structure – It’s Creation and Significance
Lillford, P.J.

Food Quality Prediction from Process Tomography and Flow Modeling
McCarthy, H., McCarthy, K.L.

Do We Need Constitutive Equations for Calculating the Flows of Complex Liquids?
Öttinger, H.Ch.

The Application of Light and Neutron Scattering to Complex Fluids
Schurtenberger, P.

A Computer Simulation Perspective on the Processing of Rheologically Complex Materials
Tanguy, Ph.A.

Rheological Properties of Liquid Chocolate and their Influence Factors
Tscheuschner, H.-D.

Rheology of Gels and Suspensions Containing Fractal Aggregates; Perspective and Limitations
Van Vliet, T., Kloek, W.

Fractal Structures in Foods
Walstra, P.

Structure and Rheological Properties of the Biopolymer Dough
Weipert, D.

Food Rheology

Time-Temperature Superposition for Glutenin Subfractions and their Mixtures
Bot, A., Tsiami, A.A., Agterof, W.G.M.

Rheology and Structure of Phase Separating Micellar Casein-Polysaccharide Mixtures
Bourriot, S., Doublier, J.-L., Garnier, C., Lefebvre, J.

Deagglomeration and its Influence on Rheological Properties of Concentrated Suspensions: Investigations on a Sucrose/Silicon oil system
Braun, P., Windhab, E.J., Attaie, H.

Plane Shear Flow with Diffusive Transport of Agglomerates
Buggisch, H.

Relationship between the Rheology and Structure of Set
Costello, B.A.

Microstructure, Rheology and Processing of Concentrated Emulsions
Gallegos, C., Franco, J.M., Guerrero, A., Mackley, M.R., Maruf, N., Sanchez, M.C., Spiru, D.

Linear Viscoelasticity of Salad Dressing Emulsions
Gallegos, C., Berjano, M., Brito, E., Franco, J.M.

Structural Desription of Xanthan/Galactomannan Systems as Related to their Viscoelastic Behaviour
Garnier, C., Berjano, M., Brito, E. Franco, J.M.

Rheological Properties of Protein Foams
Hanselmann, W., Windhab, E.J.

The Reological Properties of Whole and Minced Meat During Cooking as Related to Sensory and Structural Characteristics
Josell, A., Andersson, K., Tornberg, E.

Effects of Salt on Flow Behavior and Aggregation of Milk whey Protein Heated under Salt-Free Condition
Kitabatake, N., Doi, E., Fujita, Y., Kinekawa, Y., Wada, R., Yasumoto, K.

Rheological Evidence for Large Scale Structure in Moderately Concentrated Isoinic Protein Solutions
Lefebvre, J., Riot, A.-S.

Relaxation and Reardation Spectra of Concentrated Emulsions
Madieod, J.M., Gallegos, C., Munoz, J.

Rheometry – Thermal Analyzis, Powerful Analytical Tools in Quality Assurance, Research and Development
Surer, W., Hohl, R., Qvist, I.

Rheological Characterisation of Biscuit Doughs
Vergnes, B., Charun, E., Contamine, A.S., Dournaux, J.L.

Effects of Processing on Phase Distribution of Mixed Gels
Walkenström, P., Hermansson, A.-M.


DMTS – Dynamical Mechanical Thermal Spectroscopy, a Modern Method for Analysing Viscoelastic Properties in Food
Deckmann, H.

Applied Rheology in Food Technology
Eidam, D., Liehr, M.

Characterisation of Liquid Foods under Continous Processing Conditions
Friis, A., Young, N.W.G.

Characterisation of Viscoelastic Behaviour of Some Food Industrial Fluids
Merley-Alpa, F., Chevalier, J.L., Desplaches, H., Tolofoudye, A.

A Combined Pulse-Resonance Rheometer f. Viscoelastic Gellin System: Application to Food Systems
Roberts, I.D., Beckett, St., Whitehouse, A.S., Williams, P.R.

An Improved Vane Technique for the Measurement of Viscoelasticity and Apparent Viscosity of Modified Starch Systems
Tucker, G.S., Roberts, I.D., Williams, P.R.

Food Structure

Phase Separation and Rheology of Aqueous Amylopectin/Galactomannan Systems
Closs, C., Conde-Petit, B., Escher, F., Roberts, I.D.

Interactions between Starch and Non-Starch Hydrocolloids in Aqueous Food Models
Conde-Petit, B., Closs, C., Marchiondi, C., Escher, F.

Orientation Behaviour of Rodlike Particles in Complex Shear Flows
Eischen, J.C., Windhab, E.J.

Viscoelastic Behaviour of Cereal Dough Systems
Gräber, S.

The Structure of Amaranth Basis Dough Products
Kovacs, E., Berghofer, E., Glattes, H., Kabok, K., Maraz-Szabo, L., Zahonyi, P.

Functional Properties of Potato Fibres after Enzymatic Modification
Norsker, M., Adler-Nissen, J.

Influence of Starch-Flavor Interactions on Rheological Properties and Structure of Starch Containing Food Systems
Nüssli, J., Escher, F., Conde-Petit, B.

Retrogradation of High Amylose Maize Starches
Whaley, J., Case, S., Jeffcoat, R., Trzasko, P.

Food Processing

Structure and Rheology of Multiphase Foodstuffs Frozen under Mechanical Energy Input at Low Temperatures
Bolliger, S., Windhab, E.J.

The Effects of Defined Shear to the Crystallization Kinetics of Fat Systems and the Crystal Structure
Breitschuh, B., Windhab, E.J.

Role of Amylose in the Structure-Process-Properties Relationship of Extruded Starch Films and Foams
Della Valle, G., Buleon, A., Colonna, P., Lourdin, D., Vergnes, B.

Influence of Filtration Process Parameters on Non-Newtonian Filtrate Flow Through Compressible Filtercakes with Complex Pore Structure
Friedmann, Th., Windhab, E.J.

Mechanical and Sensorical Properties of Hard Cheese of Emmenthal Type during Ripening
Houska, M., Ciganik, M., Drab, M., Kyhos, K., Pokorny, J.

Investigations on the Phenomenon of Dough Hardening during the Processing of Wheat Doughs
Kieffer, R., Stein, N.

Producing Honey with Defined Rheological and Structural Properties by Controlled Crystallization
Kobow, J., Bindrich, U.

Effect of Processing on Rheology, Structure and Stability of Double Cream Cheese
Sanchez, C., Hardy, J.

Emulsification with Mixtures of Fast- and Slowly-Adsorbing Emulsifiers
Stang, M., Schubert, H.

Changes in Structure and Rheology of Dilute Hydrocolloid Suspensions as a Consequence of Processing in Flow
Wolf, B., Byekwaso, E., Windhab, E.J.

Numerical Applications

Simulation of Particle Behaviour in Elongational Flow
Delgado, A., Nirschl, H.

Die-Entry Flow Behavior of Non-Newtonian Fluids
Feigl, K., Stranzinger, M., Windhab, E.J.

Rheological Modelling of Macromolecular Fluids
Kröger, M.

Shear and Secondary Flow Behaviour in Annular Gaps of Scraping Crystallizers
Stranzinger, M., Feigl, K., Windhab, E.J.


Microstructure and Rheological Properties of Rhy Doughs, the Effect of Germination of Rye Grain
Autio, K., Fabritius, M., Laurikainen, T., Parkkonen, T.

Investigations on the Mixing Behaviour of a Model Chocolate Suspension
Bauer, G., Beckett, S.T., Blackburn, S., Seville, J.P.K.

Development of Microstructure of Pasta during Processing and Cooking
Cunin, C., Conde-Petit, B., Escher, F., Handschin, S.

Rheological Behavior of Plasticized Starches
Della Valle, G., Carreau, P., Lavoie, P.A., Vergnes, B.

Rheological and Structural Properties of Enzymatical Cross-Linked Emulsions Gels
Faergemand M., Dickinson, E., Qvist, K.B.

Rheometry of Fiber Suspensions
Hochstein, B., Gleissle, W.

Rheological Properties of Fruit Pectin Jam
Houska, M., Ciganik, M., Kyhos, K., Ouhrabkova, J., Patkova, D.

Modelling of the Thermal Degradation of Texture in Green Beans Using Instrumental Analysis
Le Jean, G., Lanoiselle, J.-L., Piar, G.

Inluence of pH on the Rheological Properties and Structure of Model Processed Cheese
Lee, S.K., Klostermeyer, H.

Food Systems Network Transformation based on the Contact Phenomena
Matuszek, T.

Intrinsic Viscosity of Dilute Pectin Solutions
Nielsen, H., Hvidt, S., Nielsen, B.U.

Slit Rheometry for Testing of a new On-Line Measuring
Ouriev, B., Windhab, E.J.

Relationship between Microstructure and Lipid Stability – a Concept for Optimizing the Processing of Oil Containing Tree Nuts
Perren, R., Escher, F., Handschin, S.

Study of Extruded Food Foams by Pin Indentation
Scher, J., Hardy, J., Moras, G., Sanchez, Ch.

Bread Dough Elongation
Schweizer, Th.

Stickiness and Cohesion of Food Materials (Example: Wheat Dough)
Sridhar, B.S., Hauser, G., Sommer, K.

Rheology and Microstructure of Edible Films
Stading, M.

Physical Desription of Mastication to Determine the Texture of Solic Food
Stengel, E., Schindler, H.J., Spiess, W.E.L.

Molecular Structure of Ovalbumin in a Heat-Induced Protein Gel
Tani, F., Higasa, T., Shirai, N., Yasumoto, K.

Factors Affecting Macromolecule Structure Development in Heat Sterilised Foods
Tucker, G.

Structural Development of Thin Potato Slices During Deep-Fat Frying
Ufheil, G., Escher, F.

The Observation of Food Emulsifiers at the Sugar/Fat Interface using Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy
Vernier, F.C., Herrinton, T.M.

Spray Chilling of Multiphase Food Systems
Wagner, Th., Windhab, E.J.

Comparison of DMTA and Capillary Rheometry Data of High Solids Content “Rubbery” Solutions of PVP
Witschi, F., Baltes, M., MacInnes, W.M., Windhab, E.J.

Effect of Rennet Concentration and Method of Coagulation on Texture of UF-FETA Cheese
Wium, H., Qvist, K.B.

The Effect of a Xanthan Rheology Modifier on the Flow Curves of an Idealised Suspension
Woodcock, L.V., Castle, J., Martinez, F.M., Pybus, R.M.

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